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The Benefits of a Waze Ad Campaign

The Benefits of a Waze Ad Campaign
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Every small business owner is in search of ways to grow their digital footprint. By expanding its reach, a company has a greater chance of driving additional traffic to their storefront and boosting sales figures.

However, with so many platforms and marketing opportunities out there, it’s tough to find methods that will pay off in the long run for your particular business. Of course, there are certain options that are pretty much universal, such as Google My Business, provides any business with a physical location the added visibility during local Google searches.

Another advantageous promotional method is positive reviews from customers. Every company can do with a healthy collection of reviews. After all, this type of feedback serves as a form of reassurance for consumers; they will receive high quality products and services.

This is where a platform like Waze comes into play. For the uninitiated, Waze is recognized as the world’s biggest community-based app for GPS navigation and traffic. With more than 90 million active users who contribute to creating a ’living map,’ the platform delivers insights into real-time road and traffic information. A user can then navigate around their area with the knowledge of where to avoid traffic jams, roadworks, police checkpoints, and so on. The app will take into account this real-time information to deliver optimized route suggestions.

This approach to evolving will ensure the app will continue to remain extremely popular for years to come – especially when you factor in that Google owns the company. In 2018, the company rolled out Waze Local, built specifically with advertising small businesses in mind.

There are two packages available with Waze Local: Starter and Plus. Starter accounts are aimed at small businesses that have ten or fewer locations in total. For the relatively low fee, you can receive access to two ad formats: Branded Pins and Promoted Search, while a Plus account grants access to an additional ad format in the form of Zero-Speed Takeover.

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Branded Pins

A branded pin is effectively a digital store sign for your business. As a user follows their route on the Waze app, your shop’s pin will appear if it’s on the route – or at least near it. The pin will appear as your business logo, and it will be spotlighted on the map once the user’s journey gets closer to your store.

If a user is interested by your Branded Pin, they can click on it for further details about your business. You’re then given the option to provide added information such as your contact details, store hours, address, and any current special promotions. When this convinces a potential customer to visit, they can select the “Drive There” button to receive the direct route to your shop’s location.

Promoted Search

If you have ever utilized Google Ads before, you will already understand how Promoted Search works on Waze Local. Simply put, this ad format places your business at the top of search results for any relevant queries. When a user does enter a query and presses the “Search” button, it will produce a collection of organic results. Yet before a user browses these organic matches, the search result will also throw in a Promoted Search ad at the top of the page.

In fact, results are produced via Waze’s auto-complete function before a search query is even completed. If your business matches up to their inquiry – and it is within close proximity – your store will appear instantly at the top of the results. As with Branded Pins, there’s also a “Drive There” option – among others.

Zero-Speed Takeover

With a name like Zero-Speed Takeover, you have to expect something a little special with this type of advertising!

This ad format is particularly built to drive engagement from users. Zero-Speed Takeover is a high-impact ad type, one that will pop up when someone hits a red light or is stuck in heavy traffic. Of course, the advert being displayed is also dependent on the user’s location. If it lands within a certain radius, the visual ad will appear, alongside an info button and “Drive There” option.

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The Benefits of a Waze Local Ads Campaign

As you probably expect, given the information above, there are numerous benefits to running a Waze Local Ads campaign. The list below will go through the two major ones:

Brings in real-life foot traffic: Waze is a navigation app. Ultimately, it brings in direct foot traffic. You drive, quite literally, potential customers to your store. The main aim of any brick-and-mortar business is to get people through the door. Waze Local can target people across the area – the type who might not otherwise realize your store exists – and boost visitor numbers in the process.

Build brand awareness: As you expect with any form of advertising, Waze Local helps to increase awareness and visibility for your brand. If a potential customer utilizes the same routes frequently, they will naturally become aware of any brand that is located on said route. They will view that logo again and again, becoming familiar with the business in the process – including where it is located. This is especially beneficial if you have just opened a new store in the area. It can also help any shop that fails to gain organic visibility because it’s located on the outskirts and away from the action.

Getting Started with Waze Local

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you’ll already be aware of how difficult it can be to attract new customers through the door. While the digital world is one that may have reduced sales numbers due to the rise of online retailers, Waze Local gives you the chance to use a digital platform to your advantage.

If you’re in search of an effective way to drive foot traffic to your local store, get in touch with the experts at Linkeo Ltd for assistance in setting up your Waze Local Ad campaign today.

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