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Industrial Doors: 4 Doors To Look Into

Industrial Doors: 4 Doors To Look Into
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The choice of openings for an industrial premises should not be made at random. Several criteria must be taken into account because a bad choice can considerably harm the company’s activities. In order to optimize the production and security of your business premises, we have gathered in this article the essential elements to know before purchasing your doors.

Opting for a type of control


Your expectations and those of your employees may differ depending on where the door will be installed. For an area where hands-on traffic is very common, it’s best to choose electric doors. Practical, they can be controlled remotely. On the market, there are various models that use a pull or key switch, a remote control, a timer, a digicode, a radar, or a magnetic card.

The second option is a manually operated door that uses cable pulls and chain hoists. This type of door is suitable for a place with a low frequency of passage or for a place supervised by a guard. The guard is then in charge of opening and closing the door when someone wants to pass through it.

Choosing the right industrial door model

Faced with a range of industrial doors, you are lost? Don’t panic because we will help you find the model that suits your needs.

1. The industrial roll-up door


Part of the flexible high-speed doors, the roll-up door is generally made of PVC. It is frequently used in logistics warehouses, clean rooms, or cold rooms in the food industry. With a fast opening and closing speed, the roll-up door increases the flow of material and personnel and, consequently, the industry’s production.

In addition to the PVC model, you can also find stainless steel or steel roll-up doors. These are designed for protected indoor environments (for example, to separate a storage area from a production area). Their advantages lie in their protection against intrusion, humidity, dust, and draughts.

2. The industrial sectional door

This type of door is equipped with a powerful motor that allows it to open and close automatically. It is made of hinged panels, the industrial sectional door functions in the same way as a roller shutter. The opening is completely free when these panels are raised under the roof.

Made of solid and durable materials such as steel or aluminum, this opening easily resists various shocks and bad weather. Very trendy, sectional glass doors are also starting to seduce industrial premises owners. They offer more natural light inside the building.

The adaptability to all types of buildings and the ease of installation are the strong points of an industrial sectional door. In addition, manufacturers offer models in a variety of colors and finishes that enhance the aesthetic appearance of the business premises.

3. The industrial folding door


This is an interesting alternative to the sectional door. It is used in buildings that do not have enough space to accommodate the latter. The door leaf moves horizontally. There are a few moving parts to handle, which contributes to the reliability of this opening.

4. The industrial rolling door or industrial gate

This is practically the most common opening method in industrial buildings after the metal curtain. Roller shutters are used in warehouses, stores, or factory halls. They guarantee optimal protection against intrusion, burglary, and bad weather. These are the main reasons why these openings are preferred. We also do not forget their robustness which gives them durability in time. To best meet the needs of industrialists, most carpenters offer custom industrial rolling doors.

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