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Why should parents send their children to day care centers?

Why should parents send their children to day care centers?
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A couple has to work for the benefit of all family members, some single parents cannot handle looking after a child and working at the same time. Daycare centers have been proved to be the best option whereby parents can go to work without having to worry about their kids. Daycare education has a long-lasting social, economic and academic effect on kids. Studies have proved that infants from 6 months to 4 years old benefit a lot from the daycare environment. High-quality daycare has a positive influence on a child’s development and social life.

Below are some advantages of sending your child to a day care center :

  • Regular Activities

Even though infants do not have a notion of time, the daycare teachers plan their whole day that they spend at the center. Their days are filled with fun songs and storytelling. Fun tasks are essential for toddlers. They help with their personal development and intellectual growth. They also have a particular time for eating, playing and napping.

  • A step ahead in the academic field

It has been proven that children who also have attended day care have greater chances to achieve higher scores on the academic level as a teen. Spending time in a high-quality day care is beneficial for children to help them build a future. As they learn how to take care of themselves and others at a tender age.

  • Spend time with children of their age

Many parents arrange for meetings within families and neighbours so that their kids can play with other kids of their age. Day care centers are prefect for kids to spend time with friends of their own age. It is filled with fun time and interaction in a supervised and safe environment. While interacting with others, kids learn to care, share, play and learn together. They also manage to build their personalities and help their mind grow.


  • Interacting with other adults 

Since they are young, children know mostly a few adults in their life which are most of the time their parents and senior adults of the family. The children sees only those people as a role model. Day care provides the child with the opportunity to be familiar with other adults and experience that even other grown ups are able to provide them with a positive guidance in life. Day care providers encourage the child’s growth, provide a positive attitude and discourage negative interactions within the child’s environment.

  • Smooth transition to Kindergarten

Studies have proved that children which have been to daycare from a very young age face less problems to join kindergarten. They are already familiar with the environment where they are left with many kids around. It is easier for them to adapt to the kindergarten environment which is beneficial to both parents and kids. Parents do not have to bear tantrums of kids who are having a hard time to adapt to the new environment and the kids make friends easily.

  • Promotes language and cognitive skills

At day care centers, your child has the capacity to increase his language skill. Early learning care providers give your child an environment where they will not face any problem to communicate appropriately. Their activities include conversational games and they are encouraged to develop language skills by answering thought-provoking questions. When it comes to cognitive skills, kids are engaged into various activities, awakening their inquisitive nature.

  • Promotes Math and reading skills

To prepare the child to face kindergarten environment, teachers at day care centers offer a wide range of games and activities. Since the child is at a very curious age, teachers allow themselves to slide some math and reading to equip the children for future academic years. Teachers try to make math and reading as fun as possible so that the child understands and enjoy the subjects.

Parents should collaborate with day care center providers to be able to choose the best path for their kids. Your kids deserve the best. Before choosing a day care center, make sure to get acquainted with their day to day schedule, the staff and credentials , in that way you will be less stressed to leave your child among strangers.

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