Top 6 Things to Do in Winter

Top 6 Things to Do in Winter
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Top 6 Things to Do in Winter

If for many people, winter is synonymous with cocooning or – let’s be honest – with a slump, you should know that the cold season is a good time to do a lot of construction and renovation work! This article reveals a list of 6 priority jobs to do during winter. Get inspired, get excited… and get ready for spring! 

Work #1: Install or renovate your deck

Top 6 Things to Do in Winter

What if you took advantage of the winter and the time spent at home to work on your outdoor spaces? Building (or renovating) a deck in winter is ideal because it doesn’t impact your daily life at a time when you are not using your deck very much and offers you a nice perspective: spring and beautiful days with a brand new deck!

Start your project by asking yourself the right questions for a result that meets your expectations: Which orientation for your deck? Which type (ground level, adjoining, raised…)? Which surface? Which materials (wood, stone, concrete, gravel…)? 

Before starting your work, also remember to ask about the administrative formalities (building permit, prior declaration of work) from the town planning department of your town. Certain formalities may be required depending on the terrace type and the space needed. 

Work #2: Build a swimming pool and be ready for summer!

Top 6 Things to Do in Winter

Contrary to what one might imagine, winter is the best time to build a pool. If you count the administrative authorizations and the beginning of the work, your pool will be ready for the beautiful days.

Find out now about your dream pool model (above ground, in-ground, semi-in-ground), the shape and materials, and think about its location. Then look for a pool builder near you and ask for several quotes from professionals to compare them. Finally, don’t forget to make your administrative declaration or request a building permit! If everything goes well, you will be able to enjoy your pool this summer! 

Work #3: Install a pergola

Top 6 Things to Do in Winter

Designed to create a shaded area in your garden, the pergola offers you a relaxing space, totally open to the outside. Ideal for enjoying your garden as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear… Leaning, self-supporting, bioclimatic, or dismountable, there are many models of pergola. You can also choose between several materials: authentic and warm wood, modern and resistant aluminum and steel, or PVC, the best value for money.

Finally, you should know that, unlike a veranda, its construction does not require a building permit. It does not require heavy work or earthworks. And since the work is done outside, your daily life will not be affected.  

Work #4: Pamper your garden 

In winter, the gardener in you has the opportunity to take a break. But there are always tasks to be done to maintain and landscape your exterior. Your garden can also benefit from a little winter refreshment. Think about landscaping: installing lights, redoing a path, or setting up a new watering system… Work that will allow you to enjoy your garden 100% come spring!

 For impatient gardeners, a few small jobs will help you keep your garden clean: collect and compost dead leaves to avoid their accumulation, prune trees, and pull weeds… 

Finally, some plantings can still be done during the cold season: 

    – cauliflower, radishes, or peas on the vegetable side; 

    – raspberry, plum, or cherry trees for fruit bushes; 

    – winter heathers, multicolored pansies, or hyacinths for flowers…

Work #5: Transform your bathroom

If the temperature drops in winter, the temperature of your interior allows you to do some work while staying warm.

Start by identifying your needs. Do you want to optimize your space? Replace your bathtub with a shower. Are you looking for more practicality? Change the basin and install new storage space. Do you want to give your home a facelift without changing everything? Opt for a new covering for the walls and the floor. So many possible works to renovate a bathroom according to your desires and your budget, of course! Then take stock of the space constraints (take measurements!) and start by requesting quotes. The price per square meter of a bathroom renovation varies according to the room’s surface, the materials chosen, and the work to be done. 

Job #6: Refresh your wall coverings

Take advantage of the winter to give your walls a facelift while staying warm. Expand a room, hide defects, give some pep to a dull room… a coat of paint, and you reinvent your interior. An essential principle: never underestimate the power of a brush stroke! If you are afraid of color, a coat of white is always effective, with a few touches of color in your decor! 

As for the finish, bet on:

    – a matte paint for the living room, dining room, and all ceilings; 

    – a satin or velvet finish for the entrance hall, corridors, and bathrooms; 

    – a gloss or lacquer finish for the wooden elements and the kitchen.

What are the advantages of doing work in winter?

In winter, there is less demand for craftsmen. You may not know it, but there is a seasonality in terms of work: work is more concentrated in the spring and summer.

Carrying out work in winter ensures that appointments are made quickly, that estimates are received in the shortest possible time, and that prices are more competitive. More available, the craftsmen will be more attentive to your needs and will be able to make proposals for the realization of your projects.

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