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Everything You Need To Know About Your Social Engagement In 2022 (Part Two)

Everything You Need To Know About Your Social Engagement In 2022 (Part Two)
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Generate more interaction and recognition for your business by engaging your audience at the right time! Engagement is one of the most sought after and desired terms for those who work with digital marketing and social networks. We can say that it is a kind of “thermometer” to know if the content and the strategy developed by the communication department are working on the indicated platforms.

And, with the advancement of technology and the use of different platforms, it has become a fundamental keyword to know if a profile is getting the expected results. But how do you use engagement assertively and without compromising your results? How do you effectively communicate with the public and increase brand value in the eyes of the consumer? Learn once and for all what engagement is and discover how to use this concept.

1. Know your audience inside and out


When we talk about knowing your audience, it’s about going beyond what you already know about your persona. It means analyzing the data provided by insights and exploring not only the demographics but also the behavior of your audience. Your brand can (and should!) work with a persona and a target audience. The great benefit of having a defined persona will be the creation of more assertive content.

2. Be present on the appropriate social networks

While creating your persona and mapping your target audience, you will be able to identify how your audience consumes your content, which sites and blogs are references for them, and the most used social networks.

Having a presence on the right social networks and platforms is key to getting engagement. For example, there’s no point in working on LinkedIn if the vast majority of your audience is on Instagram. But if your business model is B2B, it’s worth investing in LinkedIn. Study the audience and understand it.

3. Create a personalized content strategy

Let’s remember that one of the pillars of the three E’s of engagement is Exclusivity. And that means creating personalized content that brings real value to users, making the brand more human, and making the relationship closer. One way to go beyond that and create more personalized content is to encourage your followers and customers to create and publish their content on your channels. In addition, it will be content that can be used as social proof. This type of content increases the sense of community and belonging, and your audience will feel like they are truly heard.

4. Be original

Many brands forget that people are tired of being exposed to traditional, perpetually offer-centric advertising. Bet on a different approach, adopting the lighthearted language and engaging with the audience.

5. Focus on quality content

Some people and companies think publishing several pieces of content daily will generate more engagement. Quantity does not mean quality. When producing content for your site or social networks, the first thing to think about is understanding what your audience wants. This may seem obvious, but some brands make the mistake of considering their interests first.

To help you create quality content, prepare an editorial calendar for each channel. This will not only help you maintain the appropriate publishing frequency, but it will also give you time to think and create amazing material!

6. Bring in new things


We frequently come across content that says the same thing but with different words. The result? No one is interested, and that content won’t bring any results. You might as well do nothing. If you want to generate engagement with your content, it must bring something new to the audience. When preparing your content calendar, research the topics thoroughly, study the competitors and see what gaps you can fill.

7. Interact with your followers and other users

Finally, one of the big secrets to generating engagement is interaction. Always try to respond to every comment, developing discussions and conversations. The more you engage with your subscribers and readers in a natural way, the more they will respond in kind. This interaction will also help to understand what the audience wants to see on your profile, presenting opportunities for improvement in your business in general.

8. Be present on multiple channels

One of the main recipes for successful engagement is to be present on different platforms that are used by your target audience. Currently, it is possible to take advantage of different resources and platforms to generate this type of buzz among your follower, such as directing them to:

  • Contents in blogs
  • Videos on YouTube
  • Email marketing strategies
  • Institutional sites

Engagement is not about focusing on one social network but about being present and replicating successful techniques and concepts.

9. Use social proof

An important point about social networks and engagement is to have real people who can share experiences with other users about your products or services. This is called social proof.

Using testimonials, customer-recorded videos, or positive comments on social media about customer service or fun interaction can make a difference to those unfamiliar with your brand. After all, in today’s world, people connect with people and draw on real stories to make decisions, especially when acquiring something new.

10. Engage your audience

To go in search of the perfect engagement, the entrepreneur very often needs to stimulate his followers to perform specific actions. On Instagram, for example, it is very common to find posts that stimulate our opinions, such as a battle of looks for clothing stores or even sharing opinions for themes a little denser.

All this made people feel connected to the profile and motivated to perform the indicated action. As a general rule, we can say that user-generated content (UGC) greatly helps to strengthen your brand.

11. Measure the results of your actions


To understand if your methodology and marketing planning is effective, it is very important to be able to measure the results of your actions on social networks. After all, engagement goes far beyond simple likes on photos or an Up posted in the comments. Moreover, this type of behavior is already starting to be banned by some platforms.

Note the initial goals with the company’s engagement and review the numbers to see if they are being met. This will make it easier to recalculate a journey or replicate an action that generated a significant result.

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