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Reupholstering or Not?

Reupholstering or Not?
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Reupholstering is the process of refurbishing a piece of furniture using its frame as a starting point. The upholstery fabric and stuffing are changed and replaced with appropriate materials according to your taste.

A question of money… and quality

The question is always asked. “Is my sofa worth the investment to give it a second life? Would I be better off buying a new one?

The cost of reupholstering a sofa can be quite expensive. We will not hide the fact that more beautiful, good and cheap furniture is available on the market at many retailers. This is what will determine your decision. If you have a piece of furniture with a poor quality frame, it will probably not be worth giving it a second wind, but instead, opt for a brand new piece of furniture. On the other hand, a well-constructed sofa will benefit from the upholsterer’s work and thus give your furniture many more years of life. A reliable artisan will refuse to work on a piece of furniture whose base is in poor condition. If you have a piece of furniture dear to you, you can always have it evaluated by professional upholsterers. They will give you the straight goods on your options.

What to check?

Reupholstering or Not

A good indicator is the weight of the furniture: it will be heavy.

– The frame must be made of hardwood. Many inexpensive pieces of furniture are built on wood fibre bases, offering little durability.

– Good quality suspension: “S” springs and corkscrew springs offer the best support and usually do not need to be reupholstered.

– The condition of the upholstery: if the entire upholstery (back, seat and arms) has to be redone, in addition to replacing the fabric, this can be costly and less advantageous than buying new.

Steps to refurbishment

Reupholstering or Not


Urethane foam (commonly called foam) has a high density, and its price varies according to the cost of oil.

A covering for the foam (a soft layer) will serve as an underlay for the covering fabric.

The cover

The choice of the material is essential. Here are the main characteristics for a durable result:

  • Light resistance

Several classes from 1 to 5 indicate their level of tolerance to light. Class 5 is the best and will be the most expensive.

  • Resistance to double rubbing

Double rubbing is the equivalent of sitting down and getting up from the chair. A good cover fabric should resist at least 50,000 double rubs, and a perfect material will resist up to 150,000.

The materials

The most resistant textile materials are those made of polyester (Crypton). Good quality leather will have a life span of over 50 years, hence the importance of having excellent quality upholstery that can resist it.

How much does it cost?

The cost of upholstering a piece of furniture is usually the same as the purchase price of a cheaper, lower quality piece of furniture.

The amount of fabric and the price per yard will determine the cost of upholstering your furniture. A loveseat will require approximately 10 to 12 yards of fabric.

The foam and stuffing of the cushions will generally not have withstood the test of time. It is also necessary to consider redoing the seat cushions of a loveseat.

Don’t forget to add the cost of labour

You can always talk to an expert at UPHOLSTERY RESTORED if you’re looking to breathe new life into your furniture. They can restore and repair all types of furniture, from modern and contemporary to traditional, antique and more!

Now, know that the sofa you buy today could have a much longer life if you are willing to invest in quality. By extending the life of your couch with upholstery and covering, you will help reduce over-consumption and save money at the same time.

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