Why Reupholster Your Furniture?
Why Reupholster Your Furniture?  Do you own any furniture in your home that may need some sprucing up? Why not give it new life by covering or reupholstering it to provide comfort and freshness?  A range of upholstered furniture, including dining room and office chairs, couches and armchairs, headboards, kitchen benches, lounge chairs, footrests, benches,… (0 comment)

2 Steps for Painting a Fabric Chair
2 Steps for Painting a Fabric Chair Contents Step 1: Prepare your fabric chair for painting Step 2: Paint the fabric of your chair These days, anything seems possible when it comes to painting! No material can resist the building materials industry, the craft industry or the hobby industry. Fabric is no exception to this… (0 comment)

Criteria for Choosing Your Leather Sofa
Criteria for Choosing Your Leather Sofa Contents  – Leather sofa: comfort and resistance over time  – Criteria for choosing a leather sofa  – Leather sofa and maintenance  – Leather sofa price: from $300. In addition to choosing the shape and size of your sofa, you will need to choose its material: leather or imitation leather… (0 comment)

Reupholstering or Not?
Reupholstering is the process of refurbishing a piece of furniture using its frame as a starting point. The upholstery fabric and stuffing are changed and replaced with appropriate materials according to your taste. A question of money… and quality The question is always asked. “Is my sofa worth the investment to give it a second… (0 comment)