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The passion for Bonsai trees

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Bonsai origins

Bonsai cultivation comes from Japan though it originated in China. Among various beliefs, the Japanese perceive that caring for a Bonsai has a connection with the eternity and help the mind to be in harmony with nature. A Bonsai tree can live more than 500 years. The oldest Bonsai in the world is reported to be over 1000 years old and is located in Milan, Italy.

The aesthetic aspect

The older the tree grows the more beautiful it becomes with its roots, stems, and branches becoming thicker in a miniaturized shape. The part that fascinates people is the aesthetic aspect of trimming and shaping the Bonsai. The tree can be cut and sculpted to the desired shape by the tree owner but must be handled with skill, precision, and care otherwise the Bonsai may die.

The techniques to grow bonsai

Some techniques used in the care and shaping of bonsai trees are pruning, wiring, and defoliation. Pruning is essential to keep the visual aspect that is wanted of the tree. This activity concerns cautiously removing the upper layer of the trunk. If not done properly the bonsai can lose strength or even die. The operation of wiring a bonsai tree is where you will need to wrap copper or aluminum wires around the branches or the stem in order to form the tree to the desired shape. Lastly, you would need to defoliate the tree to reduce growth in specific parts. When the Bonsai senses that its leaves have been trimmed off, it reproduces fresh leaves.

Why do people cultivate Bonsai?

People usually cultivate Bonsai trees as a hobby and because they have love and attention to devote to their Bonsai. It takes a lot of caring, proper watering, the proper soil, the proper pot, the proper climate, and the proper trimming. It becomes an anti-stress activity which involves a passion for the tree where one’s mind is focus into doing a relaxing activity after a hard day at work.

Any tree known to grow very huge in nature can be grown into a Bonsai depending on the region you are living in. Hence, you can grow a mango tree Bonsai, which will produce edible fruit.

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