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What is an orthodontist?

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Have you ever wondered who an orthodontist really is? What do they do? What do they treat and why are they important? A lot of people find themselves confused by all these questions. Keep on reading to clear all your doubts. Today we have the answers to all your queries.

Most people have the misconception that an orthodontist deals only with crooked teeth and overbites, but the truth is that the latter can treat wider problems. An orthodontist is a medical practitioner who is specialized in diagnosing, preventing and curing facial and dental irregularities. The professional can reorganize crooked teeth, which can relieve the patients from all problems like chewing, swallowing, speech and even the facial feature.

Why visit an orthodontist?

Very often, people with crooked teeth don’t smile or laugh openly. These issues can result in serious physical complexes and even affect people psychologically. Orthodontists follow advanced training in making teeth move and realign them into a straight and perfect smile. A child should see an orthodontist at the age of 7 even if there is no problem. A regular checkup is necessary as at that age the jaw is still developing. An adult can visit an orthodontist in his/ her twenties up to his/her forties. Your smile is your first impression and consulting an orthodontist can help preserve your beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

A basic guide on the function of braces

While hearing about the painful experiences of braces, people often ask themselves about how do braces work to straighten teeth. We investigate a lot of these little metals who tend to work wonders and create ravishing smiles. So why do people have to wear braces for long? Let’s find out.

The whole braces process starts with a thin, round wire which is replaceable at every appointment until it thickens up and a rectangular wire is added to the teeth. It is mainly because the whole process of realigning the teeth and the roots is a delicate operation and be done at a gradual pace. In addition to that, the hard-wires, in the beginning, can cause a lot of pain. Once the teeth are in a correct position, the orthodontist can adjust the alignment by bending the wires.

Throughout the process, the periodontal membrane shifts are pressured. Each tooth moves when the bone structure of the roots changes. Bone remodeling process can take up to a year which is one of the main reasons that some patients need to keep them for so long.

This treatment usually takes one to three years. It varies according to different patients. Nowadays you don’t need to opt for the metal braces. There are a lot of new models available including clear braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners. Only a specialist orthodontist has the training and experience to give you proper treatment if you are opting for clear alignments or braces. After the disbanding, it is recommended that you wear your retainers to make sure that your teeth don’t move from their positions.

Five ways to be sure that you have the right orthodontist

Convenient Location: A location which is nearby your job is always the best option as monthly appointments will be a must after you get your braces on.

Flexible hours: Flexible hours is a sign that your dentist is trustworthy and available for you. You can also consider pre-booking to be able to manage your time properly.

Background check: It is always important to make a background check on an orthodontist before investing your time and money. You can always check for references or customer testimonials. Look for an orthodontist with experience as better be safe than sorry!

A selection of treatment options: With a variety of options, you can always be sure that your orthodontist will select the correct treatment for you. A good treatment plan should be good for your lifestyle, goals and bone structure. Limited options will do no good to the patient as the orthodontist will merely try to make the patient fit into the treatment.

Payment options: Even if you have a medical insurance, always make sure that your dentist offers a payment plan. You should always be aware of the exact amount of your treatment so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

The advice you must follow when seeing an orthodontist

While you are going under a treatment with an orthodontist, it is necessary to keep track of and attend all your appointments. Follow the diet which your dentist has prescribed for you and watch carefully what you are eating and drinking. Avoid sugary drinks and hard and sticky food. Brush and floss as per the instructions of your orthodontist. Don’t skip on your retainer if you want straight teeth. If you ever don’t have a toothbrush, rinse your mouth with water vigorously.

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