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What you should know about the different types of landscape businesses?

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What do landscape businesses do? Whom should you hire? In this article we consider
1. Landscape architect,
2. Landscape contractor,
3. Landscape designer, and
4. Landscape gardener.

A landscape architect is someone who has an academic degree in landscape architecture and is registered or authorized by your state. Landscape architects have been coached in engineering, architecture, land grading, drainage, design, etc. They produce architectural landscape drawings for residential and commercial landscapes. You hire them for a high-level vision and construction drawings aim at obtaining a construction permit.

Landscape contractors hold a license. They are landscape installers who maintain or modify existing landscapes. They can create design drawings but they may not have training or education in landscape architect. Generally, they work with pre-existing landscape drawings created by different landscape professionals.

You hire landscape designers to make design drawings for your home garden. Landscape designers may have a landscape or horticultural degree or certificate or they may not.  They’re restricted by state law pertaining to the details that they can show on a landscape drawing. They don’t usually handle the installation.

A landscape gardener is someone who install and/or maintain a landscape and doesn’t essentially need to be registered or have academic qualifications. Landscape gardeners get their hands dirty by planting trees, bushes, flowers and all kinds of verdure.

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