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Home Remedies for Sunburn

Home Remedies for Sunburn
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No one really likes to get a bad sunburn. We understand that sometimes while you are at the beach, you kind of lose track of time and end up dozing off while taking a sunbath. Well, no one is perfect and sunburn happens. It is important to take care of your skin and prevent the sunburn from happening at various times. Scientifically speaking, if you have had more than five sunburns, you are more at risk for melanoma.

What is a sunburn?

Sunburn is the damage that ultraviolet (UV) rays do to your body. If your skin becomes red, sore, warm, tender or itchy, then you have been a victim of the sun rays. Sunburns are normally mild and short-lived. You will notice that the skin will start peeling off and will naturally heal itself within a week. However, it is necessary that you avoid sunburns as it can lead to serious health problems such as skin cancer.

Most of the time, you will not even realize that your skin is being damaged by the sun as the symptoms will normally appear later on and while the breeze along the seaside will cool your skin, you won’t even know that it is burnt.

There are a few natural remedies that you can try to soothe the burn. Unfortunately, there is no secret magic potion to heal the burn immediately. It takes time. Be patient and try the remedies below :

1. Vinegar

Since Vinegar contains acetic acid, it helps to soothe itching sensations, pain, and inflammation. The best way to soothe your skin is to soak some paper towels in white vinegar and apply to your burnt skin. If you are really itchy, then you can add some vinegar to the bathtub, and soak yourself in there for some time. It really helps to soothe the skin.

2. Soak the skin up

After being burnt by the sun, it is now time to soak your body in the tub. If your skin is stinging, you might want to use some baking soda which helps to ease it out. Make sure that you come out of the bath within 15 minutes, especially if your skin is dry as it can cause much damage to your skin. If you are too keen about the baking soda, a cup of oatmeal might also help you out. Air dry yourself once you are done with this bath. Don’t remove all the soda or oatmeal from your body.

3. Tea

Tea has multiple benefits for the skin. As you all know, apply teabags to your eyes reduces dark circles and soothes the eyes, in the same way applying freshly brewed black tea to your skin is very refreshing. Make sure that you cool the tea before doing so and use a clean towel.

4. Drink more

Hydration is always the solution to all your problems. Drinking a lot of water helps to moisturize your skin. Good hydration will help your burnt skin to heal faster.

5. Stop Itching

The best way for your skin to heal faster is to get the itching stopped. OTC hydrocortisone is a cream which helps with itching, pain, and swelling which are associated with sunburn.

6. Try natural remedies

Aloe Vera is in our good books for all the best reasons. It is known for its soothing qualities. The natural gel found in aloe vera plants is very efficient to heal sunburns. You might want to head to your nearby medical store to purchase some lotion or grab a plant from the floral department of your local grocery store. Just slit open the leaves and apply the gel directly to your skin. You will feel the difference immediately.

7. Use milk

Milk is a soothing product which acts as a protein film to ease out any discomfort caused by sunburns. Just soak a clean cloth in milk and apply it gently as a cold compress to your burnt skin.

8. Kill the pain

Unfortunately, sunburns come with great discomfort and pain. You might want o take some aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve yourself from the pain caused by the sunburn. It is important that you control your dosage according to the instructions on the bottle.

9. Always moisturize your skin

Being sunburnt only dries out your skin. Your skin will start peeling off when you sunburn will be healing and it is important that you apply some lotion after your shower. For better effects, it is recommended that you look for an after-sun lotion. It is easily available in all drug store.

10. Keep it cool

Keeping the sunburnt skin cool is one of the best ways to deal with the discomfort. Apply a cold compress, or sit under the fan or AC to help with the burn.

If you experience any concern or feeling unwell after a sunburn, it is important that you contact your doctor.

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