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Vintage Clothing Shopping Guide

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Vintage clothing is a term used to describe clothing between 20 and 100 years old representing the era in which it was produced. Donning in a vintage piece is like traveling in the past where the clothes was appreciated and loved! Often referred to as ‘retro clothing’, vintage clothing is now becoming trendy and worn by most millennial.



Here is a guide to help you understand why vintage clothing shopping is not a piece of cake:

  •  Know what vintage is! Learn the difference between classic, retro, and vintage. Don’t embark on a vintage journey and end up showing retro clothing.
  •  Know your eras well. You don’t want to end up at a party themed the 20s with a clothing from the 50s. Imagine the embarrassment!
  • Don’t go for the size rather go for the undergarments! Wear the right undergarment to complement the clothing as to your body shape.
  • Research on how much vintage costs and plan your budget accordingly.
  • Tailor it! If the clothing isn’t available in your size, then better give it to a tailor!
  • Know your fabric, which one that suits your style and preferences.
  • Say no to plastic. Never store your clothes in plastic. Your garments need to breathe!
  • Know where you can buy good vintage pieces.


After all these points, I can assure you that your inner Hepburn and Monroe would be satisfied!

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