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Top 5 Tips For Decorating Your Room With A Mirror

Top 5 Tips For Decorating Your Room With A Mirror
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Rounded, rectangular, on foot, wall-mounted… Mirrors are powerful and always trendy decorative objects. Unfortunately, badly placed, they can quickly prove to be harmful to the atmosphere of our house. To enlarge a room, bring light to its interior, or simply decorate, we opt for beautiful and large mirrors. But placing them in a room can sometimes seem complicated.

No stress; we give you our little secrets for a trendy Feng Chui interior. We love the mirror (my beautiful mirror) but with intelligence by following these 5 golden rules. Here are some tips for decorating your home without making a mistake!

1. Caution in your room, you will show

The first rule – and arguably the least respected of all – concerns the placement of mirrors in a bedroom. Many people have a dressing room with mirrored doors in their love nest. But even if it is practical to look at yourself directly after putting on your umpteenth outfit for the morning, it is not necessarily feng shui. Especially if this said, a mirror is placed right in front of your bed.

In Asian culture, the mirror represents a third person who would sow trouble in the couple. Placed just in front of the marital bed, it would therefore be an invitation to adultery… So imagine a mirror hanging from the ceiling… We don’t know about you, but we’re not really ready to put our couple at risk for a simple ice cream Brass.

If you are single or not very concerned about superstitions, be aware that mirrors in a bedroom could also cause headaches, and nightmares or even increase the risk of insomnia! Verdict: forget the large mirrors just in front of your bed and opt instead for small decorative mirrors that are placed on the wall in a set of frames or mirrors placed on a dressing table.

2. The glare you will avoid

As we know, a mirror can bring a lot of light to a room that is a little too dark if it is placed in front of an opening to the outside. But be careful; this is not a reason to stick ice cream everywhere in front of your windows, far from it. The reflection of light is a very complex thing to control judiciously. To avoid too direct glare and reflections, a mirror should, therefore, never be affixed in front of a bay window, a tile, or a window. We always prefer to place it in a corner or at an angle to the window.

3. The order and care you will reflect

We always tend to say that a mirror enlarges the room. It is, therefore, generally advisable to place them in studios or small apartments to give an effect of space. Unfortunately, in cramped interiors, it is rarely easy to keep your little home perfectly tidy H24 (yes, we all know this armchair that serves us more as a chest of drawers than a seat). Therefore, we will think twice before installing a mirror on a wall that could reflect our disorder and would, in this case, give the impression of a real shambles.

4. The head you will not decapitate

Large vertical mirrors can certainly enlarge a room, such as a long cramped hallway, but there are a few rules to follow when positioning it. In general, it is placed at eye level, the equivalent of about 1.70m from the ground.

He must in no case cut off the head of the person who is looking at himself and even less half of the face. On the other hand, we do not hesitate to place his mirror on the ground, slightly offset from the wall, in order to give us a slender silhouette. This technique is perfect for highlighting our body (already perfect).

5. With logic, you will decorate


We will always avoid having a mirror on the front door so as not to make a visitor or his guest uncomfortable (logical). But we will not place a mirror right in front of his desk either; otherwise, hello to deconcentration and procrastination!

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