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Top 4 Tips For Choosing The Right Glasses For Your Windows

Top 4 Tips For Choosing The Right Glasses For Your Windows
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What type of glazing, what material, and what opening system should I choose when buying windows and window doors? How to choose the right company? How can you reduce the cost? A look at the main questions to ask yourself when choosing your new joinery.

1. Choosing the right material


Choosing or changing your windows and window doors requires some thought. Indeed, this change has an impact on the luminosity, style, comfort, and insulation of the house. When changing a window or window door, the question of material arises: wood, PVC, aluminum, or mixed. Wooden windows and doors fit easily into the traditional style of a house, thanks to their warm style, and offer one of the most efficient solutions in terms of insulation.

However, wooden windows and French windows require full maintenance every 6-8 years, which is something to consider. PVC windows and patio doors do not require any maintenance other than a simple surface cleaning with a damp cloth. In addition, PVC windows and doors are durable and are becoming increasingly slimmer and more discreet. An interesting decorative advantage is that PVC windows and doors are available in a wide range of colors so that they blend in perfectly with the style of your home.

For lovers of design architecture, aluminum windows are particularly suitable for large windows, as they are ultra-thin and resistant. Even though aluminum is not a good insulator, thermal break systems optimize the thermal insulation of these models. Finally, mixed windows, combining two materials on the inside and outside, allow the aesthetic appearance of wood to be combined with the qualities of PVC or aluminum.

2. Choosing the right glazing

When choosing windows and window doors or bay windows, the question of glazing also arises. For good thermal insulation, double glazing remains the norm. It should be noted that triple glazing is increasingly being considered to improve the insulation of the house. When choosing between double and triple glazing, be careful: the choice of glazing will depend on the solar gain from your window and your real insulation needs.

There is no need to invest in triple glazing, which offers relatively heavy windows and window doors, if the idea is to favor acoustic insulation or to benefit from passive heating by radiating light in winter. On these precise points, double glazing will be more effective and sufficient.

To improve acoustic comfort, window and door manufacturers have also developed specific glazing composed of two panes of different thicknesses. Finally, think about thermal comfort: in a room facing south, solar control glazing provides real comfort. It will block up to 80% of solar emissions.

3. Choosing the right opening system


Another essential question when buying windows and window doors is which opening system to choose. The so-called “French” opening system, with casements opening inwards, is still the norm. This allows for maximum ventilation of the room, and windows and window doors are easy to clean, making them suitable for most rooms.

This type of opening can be supplemented by a tilt-and-turn window. This system allows the window to be left open at night or when the occupants are away. Other opening systems exist. Sliding or sliding windows, which are increasingly popular, particularly for bay windows, allow the window to be opened “wide” without having to move any objects.

It saves space and offers exceptional opening possibilities, ideal for making the boundaries between inside and outside disappear. To choose the right type of window or door opening, take into account the space and the environment of each of your windows. Each window should be considered a unique element.

4. Choosing the right company

Apart from the choice of windows and window doors, there is the question of the company that will install them. It is important to note that this choice cannot be improvised at the risk of ending up with leaky joinery. In order to choose the right window fitter, an online estimate is a good first step in estimating the budget required to carry out the work.

But afterward, a visit to a building company will help you refine your project and get professional advice, particularly on how to match the openings to the style of your house. Word of mouth is a good way of choosing the right company to supply and install windows and window doors. You should also ensure that the company has ten-year and civil liability insurance. The fact that the company is approved by the manufacturer of the closing systems and/or is Qualibat certified is an additional guarantee.

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