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Everything You Need To Know About Your Social Engagement In 2022 (Part One)

Everything You Need To Know About Your Social Engagement In 2022 (Part One)
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Generate more interaction and recognition for your business by engaging your audience at the right time! Engagement is one of the most sought after and desired terms for those who work with digital marketing and social networks. We can say that it is a kind of “thermometer” to know if the content and the strategy developed by the communication department are working on the indicated platforms.

And, with the advancement of technology and the use of different platforms, it has become a fundamental keyword to know if a profile is getting the expected results. But how do you use engagement assertively and without compromising your results? How do you effectively communicate with the public and increase brand value in the eyes of the consumer? Learn once and for all what engagement is and discover how to use this concept.

What is engagement?


Engagement symbolizes the relationship between a business and its subscribers. It measures the ability of the brand to engage the audience and create long-term relationships. This means that the content that engages provokes an action from the user, such as a like or clicking on a link.

There are different metrics that measure engagement: page views, people on email lists, comments, shares, likes, etc. Each indicator can also be an important KPI, depending on the strategy used at the time. In any case, you should always keep in mind that the concept of engagement is different for each platform (site, blog, mobile, email, social networks, etc.).

What is engagement on social networks?

Within social networks, engagement is used as a quantitative parameter to determine if the brand’s content effectively engages with its subscribers. This measure can be used in different ways, such as:

  • Number of likes on the page
  • Growth of subscribers on profiles
  • Sharing of content
  • Number of comments per post
  • Number of saved posts

As for the calculation, it can be done starting from the average amount of interactions recorded for a certain period. The result should be divided according to the amount of the total reach of the page. Afterward, the decimal number found should be multiplied by the percentage. Then, you will get a notion of the growth of the engagement and the dimension of importance for your social network.

The three E’s of engagement

That this concept is very important already know. But what defines if a brand has an engagement or not? To better understand, let’s go through the three E’s of engagement:


Exclusivity is not just about selling products or services that are only available to some. It means engaging with your audience in a fully personalized way, offering differentiated content, and capturing the user’s attention.



Humans relate to humans. To truly connect with the customer, we must show that we are there, listening to their needs and understanding them. Empathy is the key to winning over the audience.


If there’s one thing every consumer loves, it’s being well served. If someone makes a positive comment, respond in the best way possible. Got any criticism? Absorb and respond to the customer with empathy. Engagement is also about dealing with the public, understanding their opinions, and continuously improving.

Why is engagement so important?

Engagement is important for many reasons. With it, it is possible to have a notion of the dimension of your followers’ interaction with the brand and the difference your products or services make in people’s lives.

In addition, this type of measurement is a very important thermometer for those who work in digital marketing because with it; it is possible to understand the strategies and make the right decisions. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the main reasons why engagement is important right now for any business.

1. Greater reach for the brand

The more interactions and conversations your posts have, the more they will appear to your followers. This happens because of calculating the algorithms of different networks, such as Instagram or Facebook. Because of this, the more engagement the audience shows for your content, the more post will appear to people since the codes “understand” that a specific post is relevant to the target audience in question. In this case, your post can also be suggested to people who are not yet familiar with your brand, depending on the platform used, such as Pinterest.

2. Increase the authority of your business

A business with engaged customers who interact with your content brings a sense of authority and trust. It quickly becomes easier to attract new potential customers. Discussing with subscribers and publishing topics that are relevant to them makes the conversation within social networks much more authentic, also enhancing the algorithm, as we saw in the previous point.

Beyond that, engagement is a real and very important social proof since real people will communicate with your business and express different opinions. This is one of the main selling points in the digital world.

3. Increase the conversion rate


In the digital environment, one of the main objectives of entrepreneurs is to increase the conversion rate. Through engagement, this becomes not only possible but even more effective. With it, it is possible to connect in a simpler way with people, generating a connection and a much easier sale with content thought in a unique and exclusive way for your ideal customer.

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