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Top 5 Pool Accessories That You Ought To Have For The Summer

Top 5 Pool Accessories That You Ought To Have For The Summer
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Summer is right around the corner, and it is the time of year to get your pool ready for this period. Having a pool is a dream for most of us, and owning one is an absolute joy. However, you need to have a few pool accessories that will give your pool some drama. Pool floats, pool nets, and lounge chairs are essential for us.

If you have a pool, you will host many pool parties this summer, which is why you ought to have some of the accessories on our list. Without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and discover some of the most affordable pool accessories that everyone should have.

1. The filter and the pump


You can’t do without a filter and a pump for a pool. But be careful; once you have installed a good system, you must correctly estimate the ideal duration of filtration. This duration, which is very important for the system’s efficiency, depends on the volume of water to be maintained, the level of dirtiness, the temperature of the water, and the effectiveness of the treatments applied. It is best to activate the filtration during the summer season at different times of the day.

2. A maintenance robot

A pool robot cleans in the places you can’t reach, i.e., at the very bottom of your pool. Depending on the model you choose, it can also climb the walls. There are robots that also clean pool stairs or that can go down to the bottom of a sloped pool. These robots are more affordable than a few years ago. Today, manufacturers offer different technologies for all water volumes and suit different budgets.

3. An electrolyzer


This pool equipment provides chlorine treatment. Unlike tablets, it uses salt to create a chemical reaction that produces natural chlorine. It is a specific salt that you usually use only once the first time you use it. This automated disinfection process is radical against absolutely all dirt and bacteria in the pool. When it comes to impeccable cleanliness, it’s hard to beat the electrolyzer.

It allows you to bathe in less irritating water, and the pool also smells much less like chlorine. An electrolyzer requires an automatic pH regulator, but some electrolyzers are already equipped with one. The investment you make at the time of purchase pays off quickly, and it is obviously very ecological.

4. A floating hose for the vacuum cleaner

The floating hose is used to collect the waste from the handheld vacuum cleaner. It connects the head of the vacuum cleaner to the skimmer or the vacuum cleaner inlet. Even if you have a robot cleaner, you should always have a floating hose because it will still be helpful in case your robot breaks down to suck up the dirt. This is a mechanical process.

Diameter and length are variables depending on the head of the vacuum cleaner and the size of the pool. Usually, 32 or 38mm diameter is sold by 6, 9, 12, and 15 meters in length. As they are bulky, a reel can be judicious. It is important to take care of it when it is not in use: do not leave it lying around the pool, as it can quickly be stepped on and pierced.

5. A thermometer


Whether you leave it in the water or put it in from time to time, a thermometer is also an essential accessory for your pool, as it allows you to check the water temperature. You can therefore use it to know if the water is warm enough for swimming and to anticipate the actions of disinfection.

It can also be used for water treatment in order to fight against the growth of bacteria and algae and thus limit the risks of infections. It can also be used to observe the functioning of your heating system and adapt the filtration time. There is a wide variety of thermometers (floating, non-floating, colored, and more).

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