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Why Is Good Tax Planning Important?

Why Is Good Tax Planning Important?
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When starting an activity, we consider the location, products, facilities or services we offer. All of them essential, but no less than others to which we pay less attention and in some cases we completely ignore, such as correct tax planning. Tax planning aims to lawfully minimize the tax burden of a company, whether newly created or not, and thus allow an accurate forecast of the treasury to facilitate decision-making. The importance of using tax planning conditioned and adapted to your company’s various socioeconomic potential is given by the very spectrum of business strategies on which its own performance is based. Therefore, it is a vital tool when it comes to controlling and paying taxes, which are framed within the own and general international legislation that controls it and which it is necessary to know how to comply with them correctly. Let’s review three specific topics in tax planning that can help us save taxes!


Tax Planning: Main Legal Frameworks

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Regardless of legal nature, any business is primarily associated with the macroeconomic environment in which it is represented.  Any good planning strategy must find a link with the international, national and local aspects, stand on all commercial ups and downs, and even consider the benefits that the legal framework offers. Although the latter may seem surprising, the truth is that tax planning is an activity open to this type of economic possibility. More than just economic theories in themselves, it is our facts and our own virtual performance, which in themselves will determine the magnitude of the final tax to be paid; it is then there where preventive actions come to take part.

The Optimization of Tax Costs and Its Importance in Tax Planning

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Usually, there is a symbiotic relationship between the elements that we know as direct and indirect taxes. This is nothing more than a virtual representation of the methodology on which the national legal framework strategies usually work. In this area, the possibility of assuming all the financial costs that come from the same productive act is highly valued. Given this case, the underlying intention behind it is the importance of working on the rigorous guidelines of fiscal taxes in the same way as public, legal and accounting behaviours are managed. That translates into correcting them on the company’s estimated net profit, keeping it under passive control and adequate progress according to the conditions that allow our company to constitute a whole entity of sagacious and efficient autonomy.

Preventing Treasury Problems: An Ace in the Legal Market

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It is prevalent within the current financial management of consultancies to be frequently intruded by the unexpected advent of high tax values ​​on the tax receipt. These may involve the different government requirements on which it is included, such as VAT, personal income tax or Corporation Tax, putting the same economic security in check and pushing it into a financial loan situation or unexpected investment. An option to resort to that increases the absolute liability of it. All these situations can be avoided according to the planning of an adequate legal-fiscal framework, which is capable of establishing the causes that could constitute a threat to its legal stability, either due to ignorance, voluntary imposition or imbalance in the capital. The strategies to be used in the elaboration of said methodology must therefore go towards forming a consequent objective: The protection of the accounting performance of the same through the adequate exercise of legal planning.

If you have unexpectedly received an incredibly high amount to pay after the fiscal year’s close, perhaps correct tax planning was not carried out. Get in touch with the experts at  ProfessionalBookkeepers.ca for all your tax planning and preparation needs. 

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