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Where to Find Your Light Fixtures?

Where to Find Your Light Fixtures?
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Lighting fixtures are both decorative objects and indispensable light sources for everyday life. Do you want to buy one or more? The investment can be more or less substantial depending on the model(s) you are looking for. In addition to your budget, the choice is critical as it will influence your visual comfort and safety. We tell you everything about the different sellers and stores of lighting according to your expectations.

Buying lights: where to find the most choice?

Lighting stores

This type of store is specialized in this type of product only, and you will find a wide choice at all prices: floor lamps, bedside lamps, halogen lamps, wall lamps, desk lamps, outdoor lamps, but also designer lamps, etc.

You will also receive valuable advice on the light performance to be expected depending on the lamp’s purpose (ambient or localized lighting, for example), the energy-saving bulbs to use, the materials, and the style to choose following your decoration.

Good to know: some brands even offer to try your light at home for 48 hours to ensure it perfectly meets your expectations (with a deposit check, of course). 


The offer is rich and diversified on the Internet, which can complicate your choice without advice to guide you. Do not hesitate to compare by taking into account the quality/price ratio, but also by consulting the opinions of the Internet users to ensure you of the seriousness of the site.

Note: innovative lighting products, particularly ecology, are mainly distributed via the Internet.

The advantages of exclusive distributors

Light Fixtures

As its name indicates, the exclusive distributor has the territorial exclusivity of the distribution of a specific product type. Prestige and quality are the keywords. You can find rarer models or even limited series. It often happens that one or two retailers only distribute some brands before expanding to the whole country. 

To be interested in these specialists is a decorative choice and a technical one, which aims at the top of the range. However, you will find exclusive distributors for lesser-known brands whose prices remain affordable. 

The distributor has a perfect knowledge of the lighting fixtures he proposes and will therefore be of excellent advice. He will be able to reassure you about the brand’s history, the after-sales service, or the possibilities of restocking. 

Nevertheless, the choice is inevitably less diversified, and the prices are often higher than with more generalist retailers.

Other solutions

Do-it-yourself stores

Do-it-yourself stores offer all types of equipment. If you can find different categories of lights for indoor and outdoor use, the choice will be more limited than in a specific store. And if you find answers to your questions, it will be more in the electrical field than in the decoration field. Beware also of the lack of follow-up of certain products if you wish to buy later a lamp identical to the first one, for example.

The large surfaces

In supermarkets, the choice of lighting is a little more limited, but it is a good solution for small budgets.

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