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How to Make Baby Smarter

How to Make Baby Smarter
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How to Make Baby Smarter


Parents want to set their child for success; the promise for success is the baby’s IQ.

The decisions, choices, and things that we make can affect the growth and development of a baby. Some moms will listen to Beethoven, others will read books, and others will use their creativity in art drawings or concocting amazing recipes. The basic idea is that the more relaxed you are while being creative during that period of pregnancy will help form the baby’s brain. Nowadays, stress is the cause of almost all kinds of diseases. Thus, when you relax and allow your creativity to show up, your body produces fewer stress hormones.

Let’s look at the things you can do during your pregnancy.


How to Make Baby Smarter

Your body releases mood-boosting endorphins after a workout. Blood in your body carries all the essential nutrients to your baby. Exercise increases the blood flow around your womb. That, in turn, stimulates the baby’s development. Research has found that Aerobic exercises during pregnancy target the baby’s brain. Particularly improving brain function and spatial learning.

Stop doing drugs. Stop drinking alcohol. Stop smoking!

These points are undeniable. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of birth defects and learning disabilities in newborns. No amount of drinking alcohol is safe! Kindly abstain from drinking alcohol to promote the intellectual development of a baby.

Eat fish

Fish may help expectant moms improve their baby’s cognitive features. Fish may also decrease the risk of early symptoms of autism. In 2016, a study found that kids whose mothers ate fish regularly (3-4servings per week) had an IQ score of 2.8% higher than children whose moms ate less fish. Fish contains essential omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA). You get these from a variety of oily fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, albacore tuna, and lake trout.

You can refer to an interesting blog article on What are Fish Oil supplements and capsules. If you don’t eat tons of fish, you should be taking food supplements like fish oil in your diet to get enough EPA & DHA. But, to be on the safe side, consult your doctor before taking any prenatal food supplement.

From the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Fats and Fatty Acids in Human Nutrition, 10-14November, 2008, WHO, Geneva

They concluded and recommended:

The minimum intake for adult pregnant and lactating females for optimal adult health and fetal and infant development is 0.3 g/d EPA+DHA, of which at least 0.2 g/d should be DHA. … The US Food and Drug Administration (DHHS 1997) has set a ‘Generally Regarded as Safe’ level of 3000 mg/day …

Eat eggs

How to Make Baby Smarter

The egg is a superfood that may set a baby to become a fast learner with better memory. Egg yolks contain choline which is a member of the vitamin B family. Choline is on the US Institute of Medicine’s list of essential nutrients for pregnant women. In 2004, a study on rats revealed that choline changes the brain’s cell structure to support cognitive development. The rats had received an increased intake of choline during pregnancy. They found that the pups had 20-25% larger neurons in the brain area that’s critical for learning. This means that their brain cells had more capacity to receive incoming signals.

Choline food supplement

In case you do not eat much, check with your doctor if it is OK for you to supplement on Choline. You can refer to this interesting article on Brain Enhancement Nutrient – CHOLINE.

Talk to the baby when it is still in the womb

In 2013, a study revealed that babies were able to recognize a word and its variations after they were born. Expectant women were given a recording to play toward the end of their pregnancy that included a made-up word. A test with neural signals showed they could recognize the pitch and vowel changes in the word. The babies who heard the word most often when they were in utero had the strongest response. This suggests that learning starts inside the womb. The baby is receptive to what the mom talks about.

Within the first two months of life, the baby can recognize the voices of the parents. Their voices become a familiar sound that helps soothe and make the baby feel safe.


How to Make Baby Smarter

During the nine months of pregnancy, the mother should stay calm and live without stress. The mother should practice regular exercise and eat healthy foods. If there is any nutrient deficiency, your doctor will tell you which food supplement to take. Smile and talk to your baby despite he/she is still inside the womb.

You will reap the benefits by getting a smarter-than-average baby. Good luck to you!

For more information and tips, jot down your comments in the section below. I will be happy to reply.

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