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How to Organise a Company Cocktail Party

How to Organise a Company Cocktail Party
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Organising a company cocktail party may seem relatively easy, but it requires preparation and attention to detail that only a specialised agency can guarantee. Indeed, it is not only a matter of gathering your employees around a cocktail dinner or lunch but of creating an atmosphere conducive to camaraderie and exchange. Your event must also be meaningful and in line with the company’s image and the message you wish to convey.

Reasons to organise a company cocktail party.


A company cocktail party can be organised for a variety of reasons. It can be to celebrate the company’s anniversary, launch a new product or service, mark a change in the company’s life, or close a work period with a party. You can choose to invite your employees only or invite customers, partners, and suppliers, depending on the intimacy you wish to create and this informal meeting’s objectives.

A company cocktail party is an opportunity to create a relaxed atmosphere conducive to exchanges. It will allow them to release tension between colleagues due to professional stress and strengthen the staff’s bonds. The aperitif is also an ideal time to bring the management team and employees closer together and bring together groups that do not necessarily work in close contact for the rest of the year.

Organising a company cocktail party is also an opportunity to convey a positive message to your partners in a pleasant way. You will be able to take the opportunity to thank your employees or customers, announce a new product or positive results or even to share your vision for the future. A successful event will leave a lasting impression and strengthen the company’s image.

The organisation of a company cocktail party can be done in many ways, depending on the time you wish to dedicate to this break, your collaborators’ number and availability, the atmosphere you want to imprint on the event and your budget. You can thus opt for a dinner cocktail, a dinner aperitif or a lunch cocktail. Each formula has its specificities and will require to adapt the program and the menu.

– Aperitif cocktail: Perfect for a short break at the end of the morning or afternoon, it requires a smaller budget. It does not replace the meal that follows and will only propose a few appetisers. It is an excellent solution to create a friendly atmosphere between people who already know each other.

– Cocktail dinner: More consistent, it should be organised after work hours. It will bring the participants closer together and give them time to get to know each other or exchange ideas. The food must be presented sufficiently to sustain your guests and not leave them with an impression of embarrassment or economy.

– Lunch Cocktail: It is an advantageous alternative to the lunch break and allows you to avoid encroaching too much on the workday. The buffet must offer sufficient quantities and be able to satisfy all tastes.

The type and quantity of drinks should be adapted to the reception time: avoid cocktails at lunchtime and offer good non-alcoholic beverages. During an aperitif cocktail, limit strong drinks on an empty stomach and adjust the quantities if the guests have to go back on the road. However, do not hesitate to serve champagne or even propose an open bar evening for an aperitif dinner.

Organise your company cocktail with BB8 Billiards Club

It is best to call on specialists who will manage every aspect of the event’s organisation and running to make your corporate cocktail party a success. BB8 Billiards Club will accompany you from the project phase to the D-day by advising you and relieving you of all the event’s practical and logistical aspects. They will then take care of making a cocktail according to your preferences, respecting the established specifications and budget while taking care of every detail. In this way, you avoid unpleasant surprises, and you are sure to propose a successful event.

The place is adapted to your cocktail if your premises cannot accommodate it: Functions & Events VenueSports BarArcade GamesPool Tables, and Cocktail Bar.

Do not hesitate to ask for a quote and to share your experience with us. Happy cocktail party to you!

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