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How to Make a Floating Dock (Part 2)

How to Make a Floating Dock (Part 2)
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This post is a continuation of Part 1 on How to Make a Floating Dock. Lately, we have gone through Step 1: Prepare your floating dock project, Step 2: Assemble the dock frame, Step 3: Consolidate the dock structure with spacers.

We will now cover:

– Step 4: Attach the floats to the dock

– Step 5: Form the deck

– Step 6: Anchor your floating dock

4. Attach the floats to the dock.

The different floats are fixed on crossbeams, which are screwed on the perimeter of the dock.

Attach the crossbeams.

Determine the number of ties: count 2 ties per section, plus one tie in the middle of the dock for a good balance of the structure.

Good to know: for each section, 1 or 2 floats will be attached to the crossbeams.

Saw the number of boards needed to make the crossbeams.

Screw each crossbeam, including the middle crossbeam, on the perimeter of the dock.

Good to know: Set the spacing between the ties according to the size of the floats.

Put the floats in place.

Screw the floats onto the crossbeams, positioning them as close to the edges as possible.

Good to know: the floats have small notches for quick and easy fastening.

Saw 4 other boards to complete the perimeter of the dock.

Screw the boards to the 4 fixing brackets at the corners.

Then turn the dock over.

Important: this operation cannot be done alone; ask for help from several people.

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5. Form the deck

It is necessary to add a central piece in the dock’s internal structure to be able to fix the decking slats on the sides and in the center. 

Add a central piece

Operate section by section to make the centerpiece.

In the first section, measure the distance between the section boundary board and the spacers’ intersection.

Cut a board to this measurement, applying a 45° angle at one end.

Screw a piece of batten into the section boundary board, which will support the centerpiece.

Good to know: The cleat’s height should allow the centerpiece to be fixed at the same height as the perimeter of the dock.

Screw the centerpiece into the cleat and then into the spacers.

Do the same on the other half of the section.

Good to know: pay attention to the 45° angles direction, depending on the section parts.

Continue the realization of this central piece along the entire length of the dock.

Install the decking

Cut boards the width of the dock to form the decking.

Place each board and screw it with 2 screws in 3 places: each end and in the center.

6. Anchor your floating dock

Attach mooring cleats at several points on the dock (around the perimeter).

Good to know: space the cleats sufficiently far apart to allow the different types of boats to be moored.

Screw galvanized steel fasteners at the end of the dock and once your floating dock is on water, connect the chains to the dock attachments by crossing the chains so that they form an X. 

Now Your dock is finished, you can enjoy it!

Thank you for staying posted on this blog. Hope the post from Part 1 till here would be of any help to you. Remember to leave your comments below and share these posts with your friends. Also, don’t hesitate to request new posts on topics of your interest.

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