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The Various Schemes Offered to SMEs in Mauritius (Small and Medium Enterprises)

The Various Schemes Offered to SMEs in Mauritius (Small and Medium Enterprises)
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Many Mauritian institutions offer facilities to promote the creation and expansion of small and medium enterprises, also known as SMEs. This is because the Covid-19 pandemic has completely crippled the country’s economy. The Mauritian government also offers many schemes to foreign investors in an attempt to relaunch the economy and create new job opportunities for those affected. Please read on to learn more about these helpful schemes here.


The Internal Capability Development Scheme

This scheme offers you a grant of 80% of your total costs up to a maximum of Rs 200 000. Through this scheme, SMEs get the chance to improve the efficiency of their value chain. They can also use it to better respond to their customer’s requirements and the market dynamics that control supply and demand curves. In addition, SMEs can increase their professionalism and technical input to become more competitive.


The Technology and Innovation Scheme

This scheme’s grant value covers 80% of your total costs up to a maximum of Rs 150 000. It also offers a special full grant of up to Rs 50 000 to young entrepreneurs under 29 years of age. This scheme aims to help small businesses invest in technology and automated production capabilities. It is a perfect way to create more modern technology-based and sustainable SMEs.


The SME Marketing Support Scheme

The marketing support scheme gives a grant value of 80% of total costs, up to a maximum of Rs 150 000. It also covers administrative costs up to a maximum of Rs 15 000. This particular scheme supports SMEs in marketing their products to local and international markets. It also makes your products more accessible to the public in a competitive market.


The Inclusiveness and Integration Scheme

Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, you can achieve wonderful things” This impressive quote is indeed very true. The inclusiveness and integration scheme gives SMEs an excellent opportunity to work together. By favoring inclusiveness and networking, SMEs can enjoy mutual benefits. Not to forget the grant value of 15% of the total costs up to a maximum of Rs 100 000 that the scheme gives you.

The SME Utility Connection Assistance Scheme

The Utility Connection Assistance Scheme offers a grant value of 80% of total costs up to a maximum of Rs 150 000 for the connection charges to utility suppliers.


The SME Employment Scheme for Graduates and Diploma Holders

Many competent graduates are still seeking employment in Mauritius. Fortunately, the SME Employment Scheme helps in boosting their employability by allowing them to acquire good entrepreneurial skills and aptitude. However, only SMEs registered with the National Entrepreneur Council can benefit from a graduate for a duration of 10 months.

The SME Start-Up Program

Starting a business is not an easy task as it involves lots of work, money and time. This is why we have the Start-Up Program! The SME Mauritius institution offers this facility to help aspiring entrepreneurs assess their business plans’ potential. The program consists of training once a week for one year. After that, the institution guides you during your business start-up and marketing journey.


The ‘Vinn Ou Prop Boss’ Program

When you have to start a business of your own, you might have many queries about the procedures involved. The Citizens Advice Bureau can assist you through the ‘Vinn Ou Prop Boss’ Programme, which provides the necessary information and tools. The program covers Talent business, Idea generation business, Legal issues and BRN registration. You will be awarded an SME Certificate at the end of the course.


The Made in Moris Scheme

If you register your product for a “Made in Moris” label, you can benefit from a grant of up to a maximum of Rs 50 000.

Other facilities are subsidies on purchasing electric vehicles for transportation of goods. We hope you have learned something helpful in this article and might consider using one or more of these schemes should you choose to start up your own business in Mauritius.

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