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Romantic Movies to Watch during your Date Night

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Nowadays, there are so many genres of movies which you can choose from. When it comes to date nights, it can sometimes be difficult to settle on one movie which both you and your partner like. This unsettlement can even lead to arguments. However, to avoid this situation, it is always better to settle for a good old fashioned romantic movie.

Cuddling together under the blanket while watching a romantic movie always cheer up the mood. Sure, there is a lot of romantic movies out there but you don’t need to spend your date night deciding on which one to watch. Below are some of the most romantic movies ever made.

  • Lost in translation

If you are a fan of Scarlet Johansson, you should not miss this movie at any cost. It is one of her terrific romantic movie which revolves around confusion towards relationships, unexpected friendships, and mid-life crisis. In this movie, Bill Murray plays an aging actor who while being in Tokyo for a whiskey advertisement meets the young Johansson and the two develop a deep connection. This movie is all the way romantic which makes it special.

  • Titanic

Let’s get back to the classics. Titanic is a movie to remember because it has a little something for everyone: shipwrecking, jewels, lively debates and most importantly, a love story. It is a movie which one should see at least once in your life. SPOILER ALERT, you will want to hold on your partner tighter when Rose lets go Jack and watches him drown to his death!

  • The Notebook

There is no romantic movies list in out there in which The Notebook is missing. Based on a novel of Nicholas Sparks, it relates the love story of two people who despite shouldn’t have been together, always find their way back towards each other. If you are opting for this movie, grab for some tissue paper as there are plenty of scenes which are going to make you cry.

  • Her

If you are looking for a modern age love story, “Her” can be a good option. It is a romantic movie which revolves around the brilliant acting of Joaquin Phoenix as well as his unusual love story with a computer. Rest assured, she is a highly advanced computer who can feel, think and understand human emotions. She even communicates and engages in deep conversations. Scarlet Johansson lent her voice to the computer. With some mindblowing acting and romance, She is definitely a movie worth watching.

  • The Big Sick

Are you into modern-day romantic comedies? The Big Sick is a recommended movie for you. This rom-com focuses on everyday things which people have to go through. You can expect to look forward to some family issues, interracial relationships, comedic breaks and dramatic events which eventually bring people closer. Thanks to its incredible crew and storytelling, The Big Sick gained worldwide attention.

  • Casablanca

Let’s switch to some black and white movie or with a little luck, you might find the colored one. Casablanca is a classic romantic movie which still makes it on the list even after so many years. This movie tells the story of a famous club owner, Rick who discovers his old lover, Ilsa with her husband in Casablanca. Things get uglier when Ilsa’s husband turns out to be a rebel which forces Risk to protect Ilsa and her husband from the Nazis. Amid all these scenes, the love between Ilsa and Rick is going to flare up again which makes this movie perfect for a romantic movie date night.

  • Ghost

How would you feel if a guy comes back from the dead to protect you from the villains? Ghost is all about Patrick Swayze who returns using Whoopi Goldberg’s psychic character in order to protect his loved one from a cheating creep show. It is hard to imagine that many people have not watched Ghost yet. It is a movie about eternal love.

  • Pretty Woman

Pretty woman remains in our heart for decades now. The movie focuses on a successful businessman who picks Julia Roberts as his lady of the night. Throughout the movie, both of them form a bond and their feelings keep on growing despite being from different worlds. Trust me you might want to grab your tissue box as this movie is full of heartfelt scenes.

  • Beauty and the Beast

We have to admit that we all have watched this Disney movie during our childhood days. It was so charming to watch Belle enchant the beast so much that he not only changed in behavior but also managed to make Belle fall in love with him. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the dramatic scenes of the bad guy, singing candlesticks and cutlery and witness Belle dancing her heart out in her classic yellow gown.

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