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DIY Party Poppers

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Anyone here who loves party poppers? I absolutely love them! Who can resist all those bright colored confetti spilling out when you crack them open? The best part is that loud crack, even though I am expecting it, it always manages to startle me. Have you ever wondered if you could make your own party popper?

The good news is that you can make your own. Are you ready to learn? Did you know that you need only ten minutes to make them? They are perfect for birthday parties, Christmas, New Year’s parties, graduation bash or any other fun celebration.

While browsing through the internet. I found out that kits are available to make those party poppers and they come with all the materials that you need to make eight poppers. You can check with your nearby craft stores.

How to make Party Poppers filled with confetti

Materials that you will need :

1. Toilet paper roll
2. Scissors
3. Confetti (stars and tissue paper)
4. Curling Ribbon
5. Cracker snaps
6. Tape
7. Fine crepe paper

Step 1 :
You can choose to buy confetti or make your own which is super easy as all you need to do is take your crepe paper and cut them into fringes and trim the fringes into little squares. Add your star confetti to add some extra sparkle!

Step 2 :

To make the poppers, take your scissors and cut the toilet roll into half.

Step 3 :

Cut the crepe paper into 10 x 7 piece. It is important to use a thin crepe paper as it will be easier to pop. Now place a cracker snap onto the crepe paper and roll it around your toilet roll.

Step 4 :

Trim any excess of the crepe as it might cause any inconvenience later and seal the rest with glue. To make it look classier, tie a ribbon around one end.

Step 5 :

It is now time to fill the toilet roll with confetti into the other end. Make sure that the roll is full of confetti but try not to overload it. At last, tie the other end with a ribbon.

Step 6 :

Turn the ends of the crepe into fans and trim the ends of your cracker snaps. The cracker popper should look like a big candy.

Step 7 :

Your party popper is finally ready to use. You can make as much as you need. Pull on of the party popper apart to watch it go POP!

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