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Carpenter: Learn More About the Trade

Carpenter: Learn More About the Trade
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A carpenter is defined as a person who works as a worker or craftsman specializing in carpentry. He makes and installs sets of parts that go into the framework of a building. The terminology automatically refers to the exclusive use of wood. But with the evolution, he works with other materials such as iron, steel, etc. What can we learn about this profession?

What Are the Carpenter’s Missions?

The carpenter carries out several missions while constructing civil or industrial work. As a wood and metal professional, he creates roofs for different types of buildings according to the primary purpose of his job. Let us find, at this level, buildings, industrial buildings, hangars, etc.

The carpenter of the frame is also found on construction sites of pylons, footbridges, and bridges when it proves to be a professional metal. Thus, in the exercise of his function, the carpenter designs construction plans for the work to be done, or is inspired by the architect’s plans to make the necessary drawings.

Then, he or she cuts out the different parts, and assembles them in a trial mode to test their solidity and coherence. After this work, he coordinates and organizes the transport of the different parts to be assembled on the construction site where, with the help of his team, he proceeds to the assembly and the fixing of the different parts of the building.

Different Types of Carpenters

Depending on the material they work with or the sector in which they work, there are several categories of carpenters.

The Wood Carpenter

He is a specialist in wood construction. He makes the traditional framework but other elements such as paneling and panels for dressing, floors, dormers, etc. He can also work on the installation of velux roof windows. He is very often present at all stages of the construction process.

The Metal Carpenter

The latter is a professional in the manufacture and assembly of metal parts. We find at this level carpenters of iron or steel. But also others specialized in aluminum joinery. He is most often specialized in a specific activity (manufacturing parts in the factory or assembling and welding elements on site).

The Marine Carpenter

As for him, he is a professional in the construction of boats, ships, and others. He is involved in the building and repair of yachts or fishing boats. He also intervenes at different levels of the construction of a ship. Thus, he is involved in the construction of the hull, the manufacture of planking, the caulking of the hull, or interior design, etc.

How to Become a Carpenter?

Several qualities are required to become a carpenter. Indeed, the carpenter must first possess particular physical abilities. They must be strong enough to lift heavy loads. Since he is called upon to work at heights, he must not be afraid of heights and be able to adapt to any work position. He must know and apply safety rules and, of course, be able to work in a team.

In addition to these physical qualities, the metal or wood skeleton builder must have a solid knowledge of drawing or industrial design. A carpenter must have advanced geometry to efficiently project his plans or those of the architects in space. In addition to these basic skills, mastering certain software such as CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) is essential. It is also necessary to master the properties of materials, have a good knowledge of materials, have great rigor in work, and have a high sense of cooperation.

The acquisition of these skills is made possible thanks to several training courses offered in construction or carpentry. They are sanctioned by certifications that guarantee easy access to the job market.

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