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A Step-By-Step Guide To Properly Cleaning A Bathroom

A Step-By-Step Guide To Properly Cleaning A Bathroom
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Since you rely on your bathroom to keep your body clean, it’s fair to say that it should be the cleanest room in your house. However, due to water, steam, and added grime, this space can easily become home to bacteria, fungi, and unwanted odors. To prevent mildew and other buildups, it’s best to deep clean your space at least every one to two weeks, depending on how often you wipe down your shower, sweep the floor, or disinfect faucets.

With that being said, toilets, sinks, and other high-traffic areas should be cleaned weekly. In an effort to lighten the load, there are little things you can do on a daily basis to make for a cleaner space: wipe up any spills or splatters on the mirror, keep the sink and countertops dry, and wipe down the toilet seat and faucet handles every two to three days.

When the time comes that you need to give your entire bathroom — whether it’s a powder room or master bath — a big refresh, follow these tips and tricks on how to clean a bathroom.

1. Vacuum and Remove Bathmats and Towels

Vacuum any bathmats or rugs you have in the bathroom to remove excess dust and dirt. Then take your mats and towels to be washed and dried. You’ll want to put fresh and fluffy linens back into your newly cleaned bathroom, and you’ll want the floors bare for optimal cleaning.

2. Dust and/or Vacuum From Top to Bottom

Grab your duster or a dry microfiber rag and begin with the topmost level that needs to be dusted. This will include your light fixtures, the countertops, the outside of the toilet, and the baseboards. If you can vacuum instead of dusting, that’s fine. This could apply to the outside of the toilet, the baseboards, and, in particular, the floors.

3. Clean Glass and Mirrors

Lightly mist your mirror and glass shower enclosure if you have one. Wipe down with a microfiber cloth or other lint-free material like an old t-shirt or coffee filter. Then switch sides on your cloth and buff to a dry shine. You can also use a squeegee to keep things streak-free.


4. Shine Faucets and Fixtures

Next, shine your faucets. You can use your glass-cleaning rag and more glass cleaner to wipe down sink and shower/tub fixtures. Or you can use an all-purpose cleaner. Use a small scrub brush to clean dirt from the seams of fixtures and wipe these areas clean as well.

5. Clean Soap Dispensers and Other Countertop Items

These should have already been dusted. Now it’s time to “wet” clean them. Use an all-purpose cleaner and a rag to wipe down your soap dispensers and any other items you have on the counter, such as a dish for jewelry or a vase.

6. Clean Counters

If you have granite, use a granite cleaner to keep your counters looking their best for the long run. Otherwise, use an all-purpose cleaner. It’s important to do this step before you clean your sink/s because you will knock dirt and dust into your sink as you wipe down counters.

7. Scrub Sinks and Tubs/Showers

Sprinkle baking soda into your sink and tub, if applicable. Use a moistened, non-abrasive scrubber to scour the sink and tub, including the rims. Start at the outer edges and work your way toward the drain. Use a scrub brush around the edges of the drain and drain plug. Rinse thoroughly to remove all remaining dirt and cleaning product residue.

8. Clean the Toilet

For good measure, give the toilet one last dry wipe-down. Then spritz the outside with cleaner and wipe down from top to bottom. You’re going to work your way from the least dirty to the dirtiest parts of the toilet.

Once you finish the outside, open the toilet and spray down the inside of the lid and the top and bottom of the seat. Spray the rim on the top and sides. Last, sprinkle some baking soda (or your favorite commercial toilet cleaner) into the toilet and use a toilet brush to clean all around the inside. Sandwich the brush between the rim and the seat, leaving the lid open so that the brush can drip dry over the toilet.

9. Clean Floors

Start with the baseboards. Give them a quick wipe-down. Then wipe the floors. If the space is small, using a rag and all-purpose cleaner may be the easiest way to get clean floors. Don’t forget the space around and behind the base of the toilet, where dust and dirt tend to collect.


10. Disinfect Where Necessary

You should only disinfect once you’ve already cleaned. Take a disinfecting spray or several wipes and use them on high-touch areas or spots that are especially dirty, such as cabinet and faucet handles, door knobs, and the toilet seat. You may also want to use a disinfecting wipe where there’s been over splash on the floor or walls near the toilet.

11. Do the Finishing Touches

To complete your bathroom-cleaning session, empty the bathroom trash can and wipe the lid down if it has one. Re-fill your soap dispensers, so no one runs out of soap right when they need it most. Make sure toilet paper and other necessities are well stocked. Replace your washed and dried bath mats and hang fresh towels.

By following these tips regularly, you should find that your monthly bathroom deep cleans will also go a lot smoother. Are there any tips you feel we missed? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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