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Focus On Screen Printing

Focus On Screen Printing
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Screen printing is a printing process used to reproduce graphics on a medium. This can be paper, fabric, or canvas. Although screen printing has already been used for millennia, this process has undergone a large-scale advance, thanks to the evolution of technology. Indeed, screen printing is widely used in communication (signs, banners, displays, etc.). However, it is possible to make a print yourself from a digital file, even for a beginner. You can use this to customize an old T-shirt, decorative objects, etc. However, to do this, you need the necessary equipment. Discover in this article how to proceed.

How to Print on a Fabric?

Textile printing is not only reserved for the world of communication, to advertise or display an event. You can also use it to personalize clothes, bags, or decorative objects. Several techniques can be used to make textile printing.

Printing by Sublimation

This is the most sophisticated printing technique and also the most used, especially by companies specializing in screen printing. Indeed, sublimation printing allows obtaining a unique rendering. It consists in reproducing the effect of the ink on the support under the action of heat. The temperature used varies according to the fabric to be printed. The reproduced graphic is invisible to the touch and is resistant even after several washes.

However, sublimation printing can only be done on white polyester. To make a sublimation print, you need a high-quality printer and ink. To obtain a high-quality rendering, you also need to use a transfer paper with a high absorption capacity that dries very quickly. Since the principle of this technique is based on heat, you need to use a heat press. These machines are available in many shapes and sizes. However, if you are not planning to print in large quantities, there is no need to invest in an expensive machine.

Inkjet printing

The inkjet technique is also used in fabric printing, especially in cotton and silk. It is the most widespread in the clothing sector. However, it can also be used for personalized effects such as curtains, bags, and cushions. Inkjet printing is effortless to do. It is enough to apply the ink directly to the support to be printed. It is used for large format media such as posters and custom canvas. However, currently, inkjet printing is also used to print on various objects.

Screen printing

This is the oldest printing technique on fabric. But currently, it is also the most used method since it allows for printing in large quantities. However, the rendering is not as sublime as the inkjet printing and sublimation technique. The reproduced images have a rough aspect to the touch. For this reason, it is most often used for non-marketed items such as bags, purses, and promotional gadgets.

What Materials Should I Buy for Personal Use Printing?

If you are interested in screen printing, you can start small with items you have at home. However, you must have the necessary materials. Get a screen printing frame. Choose the type of screen fabric and the frame size according to the material you want to print. When starting, it’s best to buy inexpensive accessories. Also, choose monochromatic designs with solid colors that are easier to reproduce than multicolored designs.

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