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Marijuana and Yoga, the unlikely marriage

Marijuana and Yoga, the unlikely marriage
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Cannabis and fitness maybe world apart, but not for all fitness freaks. No no, they are not puffing on a Marijuana cigarette between sets of bench presses or bicep curls. They seem to be more interested in the many benefits of THC during yoga sessions. Taking advantage of the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in a bit everywhere around the USA, groups of healthy people are combining healthy yoga sessions with marijuana smoking.

‘Yoga and Cannabis have gone together’ for a long time, says Mike Ray

A former Wall Street trader, Mike Ray is the founder of Blood Farms and believes that Marijuana has even been quoted in the Vedas and sacred Hindu texts. Similarly, in the 420 Games (an athletic event that includes triathlons, obstacle courses and mountain bike races), organizers and participants make the most to promote the benefits of cannabis. Little by little, these events around Marijuana are making pot smokers look more like athletes than a bunch of hippies lying around in a park.

More research on cannabis can provide proof of its many benefits

The combination of cannabis and sports needs more research as only 15 studies have been published so far. While it is true that marijuana doesn’t affect athletes’ performances, it also doesn’t really show the benefits of cannabis during sweating. However, one thing is for sure – cannabis can reduce pain and/or inflammation after a workout. Dr Jeff Chen from UCLA’s Cannabinoid Affinity Group says “Everyone’s body is different, their usage of cannabis is different, and their response to it is different. Because of the research restrictions, scientists are left in the dark.”

Medical marijuana has been legalized in 29 states across the US

The legalization of marijuana in 29 states in the USA has increased the need for in-depth research on its many effects. For now, researchers and promoters are more interested in the implication of marijuana as a potential treatment for many diseases like epilepsy rather than athletic performance. Their interest, for the time being, is answering an important question of whether cannabis can be a good alternative for addictive drugs like Xanax or opioids.

Experience of users

People who’s combined marijuana and yoga talk of an enhanced experience. Some say feeling a heightened sense of everything surrounding them. One of these users say that the scent of candles, sound of music and air became part and parcel of the environment and flow during their usual yoga session.

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