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Tips to Install a One-Way Mirror Film

Tips to Install a One-Way Mirror Film
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Tips to Install a One-Way Mirror Film

One-way mirror film is a window coating that allows you to see without being seen. Applying to your window offers a perfect view from the inside to the outside. Thanks to its reflective surface, it will also prevent outside viewers from looking in. The installation and maintenance of this film are relatively straightforward.

Characteristics of one-way mirror film

One-way mirror film is a coating that is applied directly to the glass. It can be repositioned or not and is generally made of PVC or polyester. This film is reflective in response to intense light. This is why the mirror part is placed on the brighter side.

Advantages and disadvantages of one-way mirror film

Tips to Install a One-Way Mirror Film

One-way mirror film has many benefits:

– It protects your privacy while maintaining your visibility to the outside.

– It offers excellent resistance to glazing and prevents glass splinters from coming off during breakage.

– Reflective, it reflects the sun’s rays, providing better insulation.

– Installation and maintenance are very affordable and easily achievable.

However, a one-way mirror film also has a disadvantage. The reflectivity of the mirror varies according to the brightness of the room. If there is more light in the room than outside, the one-way mirror film becomes transparent again.

How do I apply one-way mirror film?

Tips to Install a One-Way Mirror Film

The installation of a one-way mirror film is relatively easy. However, it must be done perfectly to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and gives an optimal result.

Taking the measurements

Correct measurements are essential for the successful installation of your one-way mirror film. The dimensions of your window must be taken in height and width. It is recommended that you add a few centimetres to your measurements.

The installation itself

Tips to Install a One-Way Mirror Film

Once your measurements have been checked, you will need a scraper, a squeegee, a cutter and a suitable glazing cleaner in spray form. Then proceed in the following steps:

1. Clean the glass properly with the glass cleaner and the scraper.

2. To obtain a smooth, clean surface, take the scraper and run it over any rough spots. Indeed, any dirt or dust still present will leave air bubbles under the film. This is the step that will determine the quality of the finish and the longevity of the film.

3. Pre-cut the one-way mirror film with the cutter, adding 3 cm to the dimensions of your window.

Window film can be applied by anyone and is easy to do. Installing window film will save money and time and improve your DIY skills. Here are some tips for successful window film installation.

Prepare the window carefully

The most crucial step is to clean the glass surface to be fitted with window film. If any dust remains, it will create a bubble between the glass and the adhesive film. To avoid this, clean your glass by spraying with soapy water and scraping off the dirt with a scraper (supplied in the installation kit or individually). It removes the dirt without scratching the glass. Take the opportunity to clean the window frames with a paper towel. If installing window film outdoors, you should do so in suitable weather conditions. In particular, avoid windy days to avoid dust and dirt, which makes handling the window film more difficult.

Installing window film

Installing window film is very easy. First, spray the glass surface to be fitted with soapy water. Then remove the transparent protective film and respray the film with soapy water. The soapy water neutralizes the glue during the application time. You can therefore take your time to position the window film in every corner of the fitted glass. Afterwards, roll the window film to remove the soapy water and to give the glue a new bite. If you have not cut the glass to the exact size, you can cut off the protruding adhesive film. To do this, use a cutter and a scraper between the blade and the glazing joint to avoid damaging it.

Some advice

When applying the window film, it is better to use too much than too little soapy water because if you do not spray enough soapy water, the film will adhere directly to the window without you being able to reposition it. For large areas to be fitted, such as bay windows or shop windows, it will be easier for two people to do the window film. For installing solar film and heat protection film, choose times when the glass is not hot. In the middle of summer, windows tend to overheat quickly. Therefore, applying the film at the beginning or end of the day is preferable to avoid the soapy water drying out before the end of the application. Finally, we advise you to take the installation kit with you. It contains all the materials you need to apply your window film successfully.

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