World of Screenwriting – Part 6
Research is an important step in the world of screenwriting and today, we shall discover more about it! The Research Process in Documentary Screenwriting “As a researcher, you need to combine the penetrating brazenness of the good journalist with the painstaking attention to detail of the Ph.D. candidate. You must be observer, analyst, student, and… (0 comment)

The World of Screenwriting – Part 3
“In feature films, the director is God; in documentary films, God is the director.” -Alfred Hitchcock How many times have we veered away from big feature films and preferred to watch a simple documentary? Well, for some, it happens often. But do you know that screenwriting for a documentary is also some kind of art?… (0 comment)

The Art of Screenwriting – Part 3
“Viewers go to the movies not just to see stories, but to see stories well told. The screenwriter’s job is called story-telling, not story-making.” – Frank Daniel in The Tools of Screenwriting In the previous article, we discovered some of the essential skills of a screenwriter and today, we shall learn more! The Skills of… (0 comment)