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Top 3 Things To Do When An Elevator Breaks down

Top 3 Things To Do When An Elevator Breaks down
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When an elevator breaks down in a condominium, apartment, or even your workplace, it immediately becomes the focus of attention, generating stress and irritation. And as a usual user of said elevator, you may not be aware of the steps to take to solve the problem. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know about elevator breakdowns.

1. Elevator breakdowns: what should you do first?


If your elevator breaks down or malfunctions, the first reflex is always to call the elevator company’s emergency number. This number is located in the cabin and near the elevator when everything is fine. It directs you directly to a call center. Don’t wait until you are stuck in the elevator to realize that this number is not the right one or is not displayed in the car!

Usually, the maintenance department records this call. This makes it possible to guarantee the traceability of the request. More concretely, it allows checking if the contractual intervention times are well respected in case of elevator breakdowns. In the case of minor problems observed on your elevator, get in touch with your condominium manager, who will process the request. 

He will notify the elevator company so that it can take charge of the problem and schedule the technician’s visit. Note that the syndic does not live in your building. Therefore, without any information from you, it may take some time before he is aware of the problem.

2. What to do if you are stuck in the elevator?


There is no need to panic, yet for those claustrophobic, it is a real punishment! It will be a new situation if it hasn’t happened to you yet. So, if you are a victim of elevator breakdowns, here are some simple rules to keep calm. Indeed, you should know that all elevators have high safety levels and anti-fall devices. You are not in a disaster movie! Your car will not free fall from several floors. In principle, your car will not move.

You will not die of asphyxiation either! The cabin remains ventilated even when it stops, so you will never run out of air. You won’t be left in the dark because your elevator has two lighting points. In case of a breakdown, one light will always be present. So what happens if the elevator gets stuck due to a power outage? Everything is provided for; there is an emergency lighting system that continues to illuminate the cabin.

Note that the elevator regulation requires the presence of a remote alarm in each elevator car. Each elevator has a remote alarm button, represented by a yellow bell. It is usually located at the landing buttons. You will be connected directly to the emergency service if you press the button for about 20 seconds. Then you have to wait for the technician. 

3. Who should pay for the repair of the damage to the equipment?


This will depend on the breakdown! In fact, if we consider elevator breakdowns or malfunctions related to the use and wear of parts, it will depend on the type of contract signed. Is it a minimum or extended contract? In any case, the elevator maintenance company will charge the replacement of defective parts and the cost of labor. Also, the intervention on the elevator door will be covered.

However, the replacement of the speed limiter will only be covered in case of an extended maintenance contract. Also, it will be the responsibility of the co-owners in the framework of a minimal contract. Note that your maintenance contract must clearly show all the parts under contract. Concerning, this time, the elevator breakdowns or dysfunction linked to bad use or degradation by the users, it is another story! 

Indeed, they are not covered by your maintenance contract. The cost of repairs will be charged to the co-ownership. But be careful, whether you are a tenant or an owner; if you are found responsible for the breakdown, the co-owners can turn against you. They are then entitled to ask you to take charge of the whole cost of the repair work.

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