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Roof Replacement Versus Roof Repair

Roof Replacement Versus Roof Repair
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If your roof is damaged, you may be asking yourself whether you should repair or replace it. If you know a roofing contractor you trust, you can ask them to help you decide, but if you don’t, you should consider these things when considering replacing or repairing your roof.

1. Age Of Roof

Try to know when the roof was installed. The roof’s age is an important part; determining the roof’s material shall be a good indicator to know if it shall be replaced.

If you have an old roof, you may want to replace it. A little research may be done, considering the roof material- asphalt roll roofs are the easiest to install; however, it lasts five to ten years and need frequent maintenance.

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If your roof has been the victim of damage due to a storm or leak, you may want to replace it as too fragile a roof may repeatedly fail; thus, your will have more repair costs that will add up.

2. Roof Leaks

In most cases, roof leaks are the number one reason some people contemplate this question. If there are puddles of water indoors after a night of rain or water stains across ceilings, down your walls, and on the floor, this could be due to a leaky roof. You may want to look at the source of the leak and contact a certified contractor to see if the damages are repairable.

It is important to act fast if you have a leaky roof, as the damage can spread and lead to big problems such as mold, destroyed insulation, and rotting framing.

3. The Extent Of Roof Damage

To what extent is your roof damaged? If you are thinking of either repairing or replacing your roof, it should be damaged or looking old enough that you need to replace it. You should be working with someone you trust; if you do not have any, you can contact your family to have one.

What are the damages? Is it aesthetic damage, moss, algae… are you only concerned by the look? Or is it structural damage? Is it cracked, dented, rusted, or bald spots?

4. Geographical Area

The frequency to which you should repair or replace your roof can depend on where you live. Your geographical area will influence your decision. It will depend on the storm season on the weather; however, no matter your geographical area, you should replace your roof if it is damaged, as it will create more issues.

When To Get A Roof Repair? 

You may want to repair your roof when only one or two shingles are missing due to violent wind- this is related to repair that can be easily done and are inexpensive.

No matter the material used, if it is partly damaged, you can try to repair it. Except if the material is too complex.

If the damage is considerable but limited to a part of the roof, you can consider repairing it. It will be better than doing a complete re-roofing project and less expensive.

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When To Get A New Roof

While most contractors try to see if there is no way to repair, there is no way out in some extreme cases. The damages are too extreme to only repair, as routine repair shall be done, costing even more.

A new roof has a lot of advantages. It makes your whole house look put together, you may opt for a more energy-efficient one, and it is less stressful during rain season. If it is only aesthetic damage, you may want to contact a roof cleaning company that will apply the needed products.

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