Shannon’s Model of Communication in Business Organisations (Part 2)
As discussed in the previous blog article, the Shannon’s communication model is an influential model of communication that offers insights into how the communication process is designed. And, this model consists of five key elements: information source, transmitter, receiver, destination and noise. However, did you know that even this super model had limitations? What Are… (0 comment)

Shannon’s Model of Communication in Business Organisations
Communication plays a crucial role in our everyday life. It can be found everywhere in our modern society, from home to the workplace. The Shannon’s communication model is a model of communication developed during the 20th century that provides a framework to understand the whole process of human communication better. So let’s take a look… (0 comment)

Elements of the Communication Process
Communication plays a prominent part of our everyday life. It is everywhere in our modern society, from the home to the workplace. In previous articles, we have talked about the types of communication and group communication. Today, we’ll look at the different elements of communication. Elements of Communication Certain elements are required for the communication… (0 comment)

Crisis Management and Crisis Communication
In 1963, Charles F. Hermann defined a crisis as: “….something that threatens high-priority values of the organization and is unexpected or unanticipated by the organization.” A crisis is a time of catastrophe or disaster. It can occur at any time, anywhere and is unpreventable. Today we will learn about workplace crisis management, thanks to our… (0 comment)

What Are the Types of Communications Found in a Business? (Part 1)
It is agreed that one cannot not communicate. It is also agreed that communication has become a cornerstone in today’s business. There are different types of communication that can be found in an organisation which we will discuss in this 2-part series. This article will focus on Internal Communication. Internal Communication This simply refers to… (0 comment)