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The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

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Hydrotherapy is the use of water for the treatment of several medical conditions such as arthritis and rheumatic complaints. It is very different from swimming as it includes special and prescribed exercises that people do in a warm-water pool. It positively affects chronic, progressive and acute health problems and provides relief to a huge number of arthritis patients.

Doctors often suggest hydrotherapy to alleviate their patients from severe pain and progressive diseases. Those who suffer from chronic conditions benefit from water therapy as it soothes their pain. Now in modern societies with the help of home spas and hot tubs, it is easier to have your own, a personal water therapy session at home.

Circulation and detoxification

Immersing yourself in hot water as a part of hydrotherapy can lead to expansion of your blood vessels which in its turn stimulates your blood circulation. When your blood flow gets better, it removes all the toxins which make you disease-free. It facilitates the removal of lactic acid build-ups in your joints which can cause discomfort. It is believed that hydrotherapy positively affects the whole internal organs.

Arthritis and joint pain

Suffering from arthritis majorly deals with a lot of severe pain. Water therapy helps you by reducing the inflammation which is associated with arthritis. Some studies have revealed that a large number of patients who suffered from psoriatic arthritis or osteoarthritis can experience instant pain relief after a session of aquatic therapy. Warmth, weight support, and gentle resistance have a positive effect on your joints and muscles especially for patients with severe bone problems. Ankle-twisting or knee sprains can also be treated by using water therapy.

Stress relief

In this hectic world, everyone deals with stress. While some are better at dealing with it on their own, others need therapy in order to keep their stress in control. Doctors often look for physical tensions when they have to diagnose a patient with extreme stress or anxiety. Our bodies can express mental or emotional anxieties through physical pain. One of the best ways to relieve stress is to spend some time in warm water and let go off all the stress. Exposure to running warm water can release all the tension from your body and do wonders on your brain. People who experience aqua therapy have more endorphins which help to keep them stressfree. Endorphins are natural chemicals which keep you away from anxiety and depression.


A lot of people deal with insomnia and there is nothing better than the sound of water to help you fall asleep. Insomniacs who wants to sleep peacefully need to try hydrotherapy at least once in their life. Sitting in a hot tub or spa and letting the water lull them to sleep is a wonderful experience. The water relieves all their stress and helps them to relax as insomnia can be a side effect of anxiety. You can as well try deep massages for a good night’s rest.

Muscle weakness

If you suffer from compromised muscle strength, sore muscles or muscle pain, water therapy can be a source of great relief for you as it is considered as low-impact physical activity. The best thing about water is that they stimulate exercises which patients cannot endure to do on the land due to severe pain. It makes it more bearable for them to exercise. Hydrotherapy gives patients more control over their bodies despite being in much pain. It allows them to move.

Additional benefits

Hydrotherapy is not only for people who suffer from acute and chronic illnesses, but it can also beneficial for anyone who wants to be fit. Massaging your body under warm water has multiple benefits such as better digestion, stronger immune system and increase in metabolic rate which leads to weight loss in case you are looking to lose some fats. It can also help you to get rid of acne. Water is very beneficial for clear skin.

Hydrotherapy risks

As much as hydrotherapy can be fun and beneficial, it also comes with some risks for some individuals. For those who have vulnerable builds, it is not appropriate to try this therapy as they can easily succumb to dehydration. It is also prohibited for people suffering from lung problems and pregnant ladies as they can find their symptoms to exacerbate. Too much heat can also cause blood circulation problems, tissue damage, and even pain. It is important that you contact a professional while going through water therapy as invasive work out might result in organ perforation if it is not performed properly.
If after hydrotherapy, you experience vomiting, nausea, dizziness, dehydration or fever, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Hydrotherapy Sessions

The best thing about hydrotherapy is that you do not need to know swimming to be able to enjoy it. Sessions are normally thirty to forty-five minutes long.

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