A Guide to Hyundai’s HEV and EV Vehicles and Its Marketing Strategies

A Guide to Hyundai’s HEV and EV Vehicles and Its Marketing Strategies
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In the last two previous articles about Hyundai, we talked about the company’s history and its HEV and EV car models. This article will be a continuation of the two previous ones.

More About Hyundai’s Electric Cars

More About Hyundai’s Electric Cars

When talking about electric cars made by Hyundai, one cannot ignore Hyundai Kona Electric. Launched in 2018, the SUV electric car is a convenient and practical car that’s powered by a large-capacity battery and a highly-efficient motor. According to the manufacturers, the vehicle can travel approximately 406 km and possesses an incredible output of 204 horsepower. Additionally, the vehicle has been appreciated by the community for its sustainable concept and was even awarded great marks from Green NCAP, an independent program that promotes cars that are energy-efficient and not harmful to the environment.

However, the hottest trend in Hyundai’s lineup of vehicles is the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid. Officially launched in 2021, this compact hybrid SUV has been much more favored than its predecessors. Unlike the monotonous feel of the Tucson gasoline models, the Tucson Hybrid has a very agile performance and its maximum output is determined to be 230 horsepower. As soon as the motor is engaged, the car will proceed smoothly, just like an electric car. Despite being way more expensive than the Tucson gasoline models, this car has earned a huge popularity and its futuristic yet unique design is one of the main reasons.

What About the Market Demand for HEV and EV Vehicles?

What About the Market Demand for HEV and EV Vehicles?

The fast-paced lives most people are currently leading and our increasing dependence on new technologies have given birth to a new concept. Buying or owning a conventional car doesn’t have the same value it had decades ago and most people are more than willing to pay more to own a hybrid or electric car. Furthermore, over the last decade, worldwide concerns about the environmental impact of petroleum-based vehicles have led to renewed interest in electric and hybrid cars.

Particularly, the demand for hybrid cars rose when people realized the cost they would be saving if they actually owned one. Let us, for example, consider South Africa. When some bought hybrid cars and saved a significant sum on fuel, the news went all around the country, thus leading to a surge in demand for hybrid cars. In addition, hybrid cars are in demand because countless studies have proved that hybridization can enhance performance, reliability and efficiency, all while needing less maintenance.

When it comes to electric cars, it can be assumed that its global market is growing as consumers all around the world are seeking to lower their fuel expenditure, especially after the sharp increase in fuel prices following the invasion of Ukraine. Some of the other factors that have played a role in expanding the market demand for electric cars include state initiatives and incentives and the wide availability of electric cars at affordable prices.

Marketing Techniques

While each car manufacturer has a core specialty, some of the most recognized qualities of Hyundai’s vehicles are good to build quality, safety, great comfort, great driving pleasure, silent cabin noise, affordable price and fuel efficiency. While Hyundai Motor is recognized internationally as one of the best car manufacturers, there is an urgent need to increase its market presence. The automotive industry is a very competitive industry and the only way a company can thrive is by relying heavily on marketing.

There is an extensive range of techniques that Hyundai uses to promote its HEV and EV models and some of them are listed below.

A Responsive Website

Years ago, having a website was important because it could make a business more visible. However, today it’s different. An active and responsive website will help in controlling the business and promoting the brand’s name. It is important for even a car manufacturer to have a well-designed website so that people can learn more about HEV and EV vehicles. A website will “speak” to the customer on your behalf and will illustrate what makes HEV and EV vehicles different from conventional vehicles and why they should invest in them. For instance, Hyundai’s website comes with creative visuals and effects and futuristic images of vehicles that can appeal to a huge part of the public and can generate a lot of traffic for the website.



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