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Which Window Tinting Is Best for a Building?

Which Window Tinting Is Best for a Building?
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Which Window Tinting Is Best for a Building?

The adhesive film is an advantageous solution for protecting the windows of a building or commercial premises. Easy to install and economical, it can be used to meet a variety of needs: temperature control, light reduction, reinforcement of the glass, protection against the viewer or external aggression… Which type of film to choose according to your situation? Here is an overview of the possible options to ensure good window protection.

Solar film to reduce heat and glare

Solar film is an effective solution for protecting the interior of a building or sales area from the sun’s rays. Thanks to its reflective action, it effectively attenuates excessive radiation while limiting the heat. Thus, you improve the comfort of your employees in the company and that of your customers in the store. Beyond this vital asset, it has many other advantages.

Anti-heat film: an ecological and economical solution

Applying an anti-heat film allows you to make considerable energy savings by drastically limiting the use of air conditioning. The most efficient solar films filter more than 80% of the incoming energy heat, thus allowing to lower the temperature by several degrees (above 8° C with sound insulation). By regulating the interior temperature, your electricity bills and your carbon footprint are reduced.

An effective way to keep you out of sight

Like tinted car windows, the solar protection film is ideal for privacy in offices, medical practices or commercial agencies. Depending on the exposure of the glass, it is possible to choose a darker or darker tinted film to suit your needs.

This an excellent way to increase the resistance of your glass surfaces

In addition to its thermal qualities, the solar adhesive film reinforces the glazing against accidental or voluntary glass breakage. By preventing glass splinters from being projected in the event of breakage, it helps to ensure the safety of people and property in the vicinity.

The UV protection film fights against discoloration

The UV rays emitted by the sun are responsible for discoloration. For this reason, the UV protection adhesive film is particularly popular for protecting windows or display cases from solar radiation. Acting as a fade retarder, it stabilizes the colour of objects exposed to sunlight, such as textiles, works of art, books or jewelry. It is also frequently used in the food industry to preserve foodstuffs such as confectionery.  

If you are in the luxury industry and regularly exhibit prestigious objects, we advise you to opt for a high-performance anti-UV film to ensure perfect protection (UVA and UVB). UV protection films guarantee up to 99% absorption of UVA rays, the leading cause of discoloration. Colorless, they allow keeping all the brightness of a room or a window without affecting the luminosity. 

The safety film to ensure optimal protection of your windows

Whether it is to protect people, prevent a break-in or limit voluntary or involuntary damage, security film is a precious ally to protect glass surfaces exposed to the public.

Signage films

Visualization strips are an excellent option to draw users’ attention to a window and prevent the risk of accidents. It is even essential for places receiving the public that are subject to safety standards concerning the visibility of glass walls. White, red or frosted geometric patterns for more discretion generally represent the warning strips.

High-protection security films

Want to optimize the resistance of your windows? Cover your glass surfaces facing the outside with a high-performance safety film. Invisible, it prevents glass splinters from being projected in case of glass breakage while keeping the glass in place. Whether the objective is to protect a building from vandalism, an intrusion attempt, an explosion or an accidental glass breakage, it constitutes excellent protection in public places. 

It suits store windows, administrative buildings, cultural or sports facilities, schools or hospitals. There are several versions of security films depending on the size of the glass to be covered and the type of protection required (burglar-proof, bullet-proof, anti-explosion, etc.). 

Anti-graffiti and scratch protection films

Shop windows and windows accessible to the public are often subject to deliberate damage, such as graffiti or other tags. It is strongly recommended to apply a suitable protective film to protect your windows without having to replace them in case of deliberate attacks. The transparent anti-graffiti and anti-scratch film have been specially developed to meet this need. 

Anti-graffiti film protects glass surfaces in public transport, stores or first-floor premises. It is easier to clean than conventional glazing and can be easily replaced in the event of persistent stains. In either case, you can be sure that the glass will be intact when you arrive. 

Temporary protection films

It is recommended to install a protective film temporarily to protect a window from dust, paint splashes or possible shocks during work. Two models are available:

  • the electrostatic repositionable protection film;
  • the temporary protection film (dry installation).

Mirror film for aesthetic protection from the outside world

Which Window Tinting Is Best for a Building

One-way mirror films

One-way mirror films are an aesthetic alternative for preserving privacy inside your business premises during the day. It is particularly appreciated in high-traffic areas to mask visibility without degrading the visual environment. You can see a perfect mirror from the outside while keeping total transparency inside: an ideal solution to see without being seen.

Decorative mirror films

For a gym or dance studio, reflective mirror film is an excellent alternative to the classic mirror. Less expensive and just as aesthetically pleasing, it is ideal for covering an entire wall or several areas in the same room. It can also cover a fitting room in a clothing store.

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