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Top 5 Tips To Find The Watch Of Your Dreams!

Top 5 Tips To Find The Watch Of Your Dreams!
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Whether it’s a rugged diver, a sporty chronograph, a dress watch, or a versatile timepiece for any occasion, there is no shortage of options when choosing a watch. This plethora of products can leave watch lovers spoilt for choice, and if there are several types of watches, it is not unusual to see them in different sizes. This is enough to make the most seasoned collectors lose their bearings! Indeed, the diameter is not a determining factor; far from it! I explain here what is important when choosing a watch.

1. Forget the diameter; it’s the height that counts


The height, or lug-to-lug (sometimes even called the L2L), which includes the diameter of the case AND the length of the lugs: given by the manufacturer, is the first dimension to consider when choosing a watch. It is the surface of the watch case on the wrist and is, therefore, a much more meaningful reference point than the diameter. The diameter and thickness give you an overall idea of the watch. But at the risk of repeating myself, the height is decisive.

The watch will fit if it is less than the width of your wrist. If it’s not, the watch will feel like it’s devouring your wrist. A watch can be 43 mm in diameter but lug-to-lug small enough to fit snugly on your wrist. Have you got a chance to try a watch on? You don’t need to know your exact measurements: you can find the right balance by looking for a watch that covers your wrist to a greater or lesser extent and whose lugs don’t extend beyond the sides.

Watch for articles or videos that mention the distance between the lugs of a watch: with the exception of Breitling, most manufacturers and retailers haven’t yet grasped this importance. On the whole, we can say that watches with a lug-to-lug distance between 47 and 49 mm fit most wrists. Conversely, a watch may be only 41mm in diameter but have a larger lug-to-lug, in which case the lugs will extend beyond the wrist.

2. The type of watch

There is a huge difference between a sporty model like the Omega Speedmaster, an off-road model like the Rolex Datejust, or a refined watch by Jaeger-LeCoultre. Sporty watches with diving bezels or tachymeter scales appear more compact than their all-purpose counterparts with steel or fluted bezels. While a sporty watch may look good on thinner wrists, a Rolex Datejust 41 with a fluted bezel, sunburst dial, and Jubilee bracelet might already be too much.

3. The color of the dial


The color of the dial should not be neglected when choosing the right watch. Dark dials, especially black ones, make the watch look smaller. For light dials, the opposite is true: white dials, in particular, make a watch appear larger than it really is. Do you think a watch is too big in its large version but too small in its small version? In that case, the small version with a clear or white dial might be a good compromise!

4. The strap

Another secondary point, but one that is important, is the strap of the watch you have chosen. Steel straps make a watch look more massive than NATO or leather straps. If a watch is a little too big for you, don’t hesitate to try options with other straps. It can make all the difference. While NATO straps are casual, leather straps can turn even the sportiest chronograph into a sophisticated urban watch. I recently discovered Cordura straps: they give the watch a sporty yet elegant look – a great alternative to steel straps.

5. Find THE watch


Of course, it’s about choosing a watch you like and feel comfortable with. Do you like oversized watches? Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Prefer small watches that look like bracelets? Great! All tastes are catered for. But if you want to know if the watch size you’ve chosen is right for you, look at the lug-to-lug. One of the reasons why the Breitling Navitimer (with its proud 46 mm diameter) or the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 (44 mm) are so harmonious is because of their rather modest height.

So don’t be intimidated by large diameters when looking for the perfect watch. Next, pay attention to the type of watch you’re looking for: while a large sports watch can be worn on smaller wrists, an elegant dress watch will look best if it’s a little more discreet. Play around with criteria such as dial color and watch band, and you’ll find the perfect watch!

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