Top 5 Things To Know About Jewelry Appraisal

Top 5 Things To Know About Jewelry Appraisal
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Antique jewelry is worth more than the materials it is made of. More often than not, sellers call in experts to appraise their accessories and get an accurate estimate. Your jewelry collection- whether received, inherited, or donated- grows over the years.

Since these precious creations are usually stored safely and carefully, it’s not easy to know their exact value. That’s why it’s important to have your jewelry, watches, and gems regularly appraised for insurance purposes, estate appraisal, inheritance, or for gifting, resale, or division. In this article, you will find 5 things to know before selling your antique jewelry.

1. The emotional value of the jewel does not count

Antique jewelry appraisal should be objective. Look at the aesthetics without projecting your connection to the accessory. You may have inherited it from your grandmother! For this reason, you will be tempted to attach a higher value to it than to a simple piece of jewelry. Read fashion magazines and blogs. Antique jewelry is proudly displayed by celebrities. You will understand if the ones you own are still relevant.

If the style of your accessories is still fashionable, you will be able to sell them without any difficulty. It is important to note that jewelry that has sentimental value is often overpriced. The seller is tempted to raise the price at the risk of not being able to find a buyer. Potential buyers will be sensitive to its age without attaching too much importance to the context in which you acquired it. To sell antique jewelry, objectivity is an essential perspective.

2. The condition of the jewel is decisive

We would like to draw your attention to the importance of the condition of the antique jewelry. In other words, if an accessory has been worn too much and shows signs of wear, it will be more difficult to return it than one that has been carefully preserved in a case. Damaged pieces should be restored. This will increase your chances of selling them at the best price.

But remember to estimate the cost of restoration, ensuring that you will still make money even with the repair cost. However, collectors prefer authentic jewelry. It is then better to entrust the restoration to a specialist who will be able to hide the grey defects while preserving the authentic aspect of the jewel. Also, avoid replacing missing stones with new ones, which may spoil the ancestral look that collectors like so much.

3. Antique jewelry must be well cleaned


These jewels must be cleaned to bring them back to their original shine, especially if you want to go to an auction event. The people who attend these gatherings have quite advanced jewelry expertise. Be aware that if you don’t have specific knowledge of cleaning techniques, you risk damaging your accessories.

Entrust this work to a jeweler who has a thorough understanding of cleaning methods and the necessary tools to do so. Some stones, such as diamonds, cannot be cleaned with steam or sonic equipment. Ideally, antique jewelry should be cleaned by hand with a soft toothbrush, mild soap, and warm water. To eliminate any risk of scratching, it is best to use a microfiber cloth without any product or liquid.

4. You can sell your jewelry online

It is obvious that you can auction your antique jewelry and thus put all the chances on your side to find buyers interested in your jewelry. But did you know that you can also sell them online? There are many jewelry auction sites, classified ad platforms, and vintage sites on the Internet.

Remember to take photos that show your jewelry to its best advantage. Also, do a thorough search of the market, trying to find out the prices of similar accessories. Alternatively, if you have several pieces to sell, you may want to consider creating a sales page and getting into this online business in which many people manage to generate significant earnings.

5. Pawn shops accept antique jewelry


If you have tried all the above solutions and still can’t sell, you can turn to a pawn shop. It is clear that if you want to part with it, it is purely for financial reasons. This alternative guarantees that you will get a satisfactory sum of money while keeping the possibility of recovering this family jewel later. However, remember to look for an honest and recognized professional in order to avoid the scams that have become all too frequent, especially on the Internet.

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