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Top 6 Accessories That Every Weed Smoker Ought To Have

Top 6 Accessories That Every Weed Smoker Ought To Have
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Smoking weed is basically a simple task: burn the cannabis plant, inhale the smoke, and feel good. However, there are many tools that allow smokers to go from flowering to edible smoke. These include grinders, scales, purifiers, and storage containers, so you don’t pollute your home with the smell of a high-quality bud.

Fortunately, there are no difficult requirements or procedures to follow in order to enjoy cannabis. That being said, there are some simple smoking paraphernalia that can enhance your cannabis experience. With this list, we will introduce you to some of the necessary accessories that weed smokers should have in order to maximize their stash.

1. A scale


A scale may seem like something you should only have if you’re selling, but it’s useful if you’re also consuming weed. It may not be as useful if you’re bagging vapes or smoking joints, but if you have a new place to buy from, it’s a way to verify you’re getting full value.

Just as important, if not more so, is weighing the weed to make your own edibles, which is fairly easy to do at home. Instead of trying to measure by eye and making weak or very strong edibles on an unknown trip to the moon, be accurate in your own calculations.

2. A grinder

A good and trustee grinder is one of the first basic accessories you need. If you crush nuggets with your hands or other utensils, you will waste heads, do damage, and end up with a much worse smoking experience. The weed that will smoke worse, and you won’t get the same benefit. You need to grind the weed before you put it in a vape or add it to a joint. Just an FYI, cheap grinders don’t necessarily work as well, and the blades get dull faster, so it’s worth investing in one.

3. Storage


Storage can be used for a variety of things. You will need to store your grass because of the smell. This will allow you to concentrate if you live in a house and don’t have the smell of the grass all the time. If you live in a state where possession is not legal, this will help you potentially protect yourself.

Likewise, if you have children or pets, it’s a line of defense so they can’t easily get into your stash. You can also have a storage area for valves and other equipment to prevent them from staying out in the open. This may be for legal reasons or because of children/pets, but also to keep them clean and protected from impact if they are beautiful and expensive pieces of glass.

4. Cleaning needs

Keeping your cannabis accessories clean is vital to their long-term use. If you have a vaporizer, you’ll need supplies to keep it clog-free so you can pull on the smoke and make sure resin doesn’t build up. If you have a pen or vape with a removable reservoir, make sure you clean it regularly, so it doesn’t build up.

Separate the parts, soak them in water, and then clean them with sponges, mouthpieces, or other cleaners. There are special cleaning waters for larger glasses that help get rid of the resin faster without having to wait long, especially if you’re not the best at diligent cleaning.

5. Vape



Although how you smoke weed is a personal choice, having a vape makes life easier. It’s easier to smoke quickly and on the fly. There is less smoke and less smell, and it is, therefore, more discreet, which is nice when you need to go out or are indoors. Since there is no flame, it is safer indoors, and you can use a packaged vapor more than once. It’s convenient to have on hand, and it’s an easy way to smoke, especially if you have trouble with joints and blunts because it feels like they’re burning your neck.

6. Storage container

Besides having an odor-proof bag and a canoe to take your weed out in public, it is also important to have proper storage containers at home to keep your weed fresh. Mason jars are easy and can be conveniently purchased at Target/Walmart or online at Amazon. There are also many other storage containers that are more cannabis oriented.

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