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Top 7 Steps To Take If You Are Stuck In An Elevator

Top 7 Steps To Take If You Are Stuck In An Elevator
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Let’s be honest, most of us use elevators on a day-to-day basis, be it at work or to get to our condo. Elevators, in my book, are one of the greatest and most revolutionary advancements in the modern world, and they are really helpful in one’s day-to-day life. Elevators have changed the modern city landscape and have made high-rises possible; it would be a hassle to work in them without them.

Getting stuck in an elevator is one of the worst situations that can happen to a person. They allow you to travel hundreds of feet within a matter of seconds, and that’s what makes them such a necessity. It is recommended to follow the following tips to find solutions to this mishap.

1. Press the alarm button


If you are stuck in a broken-down elevator, the first thing you should do is to press the alert alarm. This will notify the managers, troubleshooters, and maintenance departments. This will allow the company to send a specialist to the site quickly. This qualified person can then diagnose the cause of the malfunction and proceed with the repair.

2. Keep calm

Although being stuck in a broken-down elevator is an unpleasant situation, you must still keep your composure. If you panic, you may experience an acute anxiety attack. You will also have trouble breathing, and your whole body will suffer. Claustrophobic people need to control their fear because being trapped in a small space will cause a panic attack. Of course, this stressful situation may cause them to act emotionally.

3. Call for help


If no one has come to your aid after activating the alert alarm, you can use your cell phone to call 911. Obviously, this can be possible if and only if the device can pick up the network. Once contacted, the rescue team will quickly get to the scene and know what to do to help you. In case you can’t contact them, try to bang as hard as you can on the elevator door. This can be done by using your feet, hands, or shouting so that people can hear you and can alert the emergency services.

4. Find a light source

Turn on your tablet, smartphone, or flashlight if it is dark in the elevator. However, try your best to ensure that the device’s battery is not completely drained. With a flashlight on, you can easily see the buttons. At the same time, this allows you to better analyze and manage the situation.

5. Wait


If you are not faced with a life or death situation, it is better to wait. Indeed, the more time passes, the more people will realize that the elevator does not work. In this case, they will go and call the breakdown service, and you will be out of trouble very quickly. At the same time, this avoids shouting for help and saves your energy. In case you have managed to get in touch with the officials, do not shout anymore, do not panic, because help will arrive soon.

6. Try to escape

This solution should only be used when the elevator is near a door. In this case, try to get out. Most of today’s elevators are equipped with a magnetic locking device. This will allow the door to be opened easily. You will then need to observe and determine how far you are from the outside door. In any case, it should not be more than 50 cm away so that you can pass safely.

7. Make sure the elevator is not stuck between floors


If you want to get out of the elevator, check that the elevator is not blocked between two floors. Then try to force the door open and recheck the position of the car. Hold the door shaft and pull the internal safety. If you manage to get out, help the others.

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