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Top 4 Best Reasons To Get Your Ears Checked

Top 4 Best Reasons To Get Your Ears Checked
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Taking care of your health is really important, and it’s better to be safe and precautions than sorry and dead. This is why it is important for you to get regular checkups to see whether your body is holding up and look at what you need to change in order to stay in good health.

People usually overlook one thing when thinking about their health, and this is their ears; your ears are soft, and you need to take care of them. This is why you should visit an otolaryngologist once a year to get your ears checked up. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the reasons why you should get your ears checked.

1. They are painless checkups


I get that some people are afraid of doctors, but there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to your otolaryngologist. They are here to help you out with all your hearing problems, and getting your ears checked is a rather painless test.

During the test, your audiologist will perform a physical examination of your ears, and during this, they will check for any ear infections and earwax impaction. After this initial test, you will have 2 additional tests to verify how well you can hear sound pitch and volume. With this, your audiologist will create a chart with your results.

2. The little things

A test will provide you with a roadmap of sorts to allow your audiologist to determine whether you have a sound (no puns intended) hearing. If not, they will try to remedy the situation and determine if hearing loss has occurred. If the latter is true, they will try the best hearing solution for you and match a hearing aid.

This will allow you to hear sound from that range again (that is the range you can no longer hear). This means you will be able to hear things that you no longer were able to, and this is a sure way to brighten up your day.

3. Catching early ear loss


According to the Hearing Loss Association of America or the HLAA, 1 in every 3 people aged above 65 years and older have hearing loss. The longer you wait to have this checked and treat it, the worse your hearing will get in the meantime. 

So, this means that the better the chances for your brain will take less time to recognize the process that certain sound makes, that is, if you get your hearing checked on the onset. The treatment for this usually starts with a mild hearing loss, and you will be given hearing aids that you will adapt faster too.

It is also good to establish a baseline; if you are above 50 and the last time you had your ears checked was in your 20s, then it’s high time to get it checked. If your current result shows that you have no significant hearing loss, they can use this as a baseline for your future tests. This will be the baseline for your future checkups.

4. Overall health

Hearing loss can occur for a multitude of reasons and not just aging. If you live or work in a noisy environment and don’t use ear protection, in the long run, this can negatively affect your hearing. This is why in many jobs that have high risks, you are given ear protection as part of your working essentials.

Some things that we consider mundane, like ringing in the ears (like Tinnitus), may be an indication of hearing loss. It can also be a symptom of other health-related complications and issues. This may include health issues like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

If you use drugs for recreational purposes, it is important to note that some drugs have side effects like hearing loss, and you need to take that into consideration. Things like earwax impactions and even ear infections can lead to some sort and level of temporary hearing loss. However, these are usually easily treatable by your audiologist.

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