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Top 4 Things Everyone Should Know About E-commerce

Top 4 Things Everyone Should Know About E-commerce
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We are in 2022, and no matter the size of your business, you have to have a website to gain more online visibility. Having a website and an online presence is a must nowadays and essential for any business to prosper in this technologically inclined world. Having e-commerce means that you are expanding your business and growing your clientele which is a win-win situation in the long run.

1. What is e-commerce?


In absolute terms, e-commerce simply means buying and selling products and services over the Internet. However, the term is often used to describe all the steps and actions taken by a seller to sell products directly to consumers. The process starts as soon as a potential customer discovers a product, buys it, and uses it until, ideally, becoming a loyal customer.

Data is the engine behind most successful e-commerce operations, leveraging various best practices such as targeted email marketing, audience segmentation, and marketing automation. For example, when selling online, following up with a customer who has added an item to their cart without completing the transaction can significantly increase the likelihood of the sale being completed.

In the 1990s, sellers discovered a new sales channel: The Internet. E-commerce is a $2.3 trillion industry that grows every year, and anyone who wants to open an online store to take advantage of the e-commerce boom needs to understand the fundamentals.

E-commerce refers to the online sales activities of a business. When we talk about e-commerce, most people think of it as selling or buying a physical product online. However, e-commerce also includes selling and purchasing dematerialized products, such as services and other digital products.

2. Targeted advertising


Marketing tools are now more than ever at your disposal to make your products and services known around the world and thus reach thousands of consumers. Today tools like Insta Shopping allow you to sell your products directly through this platform. You can create social networks for your brand, take care of the design, promote your services and products with photos or videos, generate content.

You can also do digital advertising with tools like Facebook and Google. These tools are essential in your marketing strategy to reach many potential customers and generate sales without waiting. This targeted advertising also allows you to go beyond your initial geographical area and thus make your products known and sales in the world!

3. Statistics of e-commerce


The figures put forward by Statista are without appeal: e-commerce is an exceptionally dynamic market. As proof, the 100 billion euros turnover should be crossed in 2019. Today, 87.5 percent of Internet users buy on the Internet, and 22 percent of online sales are made from mobile devices. These figures are enough to make you dizzy and speak for themselves: e-commerce is one of the most dynamic sectors of the moment, a trend that is confirmed year after year and that is growing.

4. Improve your customer experience


An ever-increasing number of consumers store online but also want an in-store experience- to be able to touch and try on merchandise while getting advice from your staff. An e-commerce site offers customers the best of both worlds. Your site gives them the ability to store anytime, anywhere. You can further enhance the experience with apps that allow visitors to examine your merchandise up close and chat with your staff.

You can also use your e-commerce capability to enhance the in-store experience by equipping your employees with smartphones or tablets. This will allow them to show customers the products offered online while they walk them through your store and even take orders on the spot.

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