Top 3 Advantages Of Offering Delivery Services

Top 3 Advantages Of Offering Delivery Services
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Delivery options have made all of our lives easier, which is why more and more businesses are using delivery services; the world view has changed in the last two years with the Covid 19 pandemic. Before that, delivery services were already on the rise and quite popular, but more and more businesses had to use delivery services to stay afloat because of the pandemic.

Delivery services made the supply of food and other items more secure for everyone, especially during the various constrictions we experienced. It made it possible to get everything you needed without leaving the house. So dive right into this blog to learn more about how delivery services can benefit your business.

1. Trends for tomorrow


According to experts, delivery is expected to grow steadily in 2020, with 25% of consumers ordering more within 12 months. Nearly one in three traditional restaurants will offer a meal delivery service in the future. And more than one in two fast-food restaurants will show a delivery service.

More generally, home delivery for food products appeals to consumers, especially those in large cities. A study shows that 63% of the population in large cities are potential consumers of online delivery.

The “brick and mortar” stores still have a loyal following: 67% of urbanites go there because they want to see the products or simply enjoy the “physical experience. However, half of them are interested in-home delivery of online shopping. This is in addition to the 3% who swear by delivery and the 30% who combine their purchases between stores and the Web.

2. How can artisans find their place?


Home delivery seems to be a real trend if purchasing behaviors are gradually evolving. Changes in equipment and practices (Netflix, Google Home…) make the home increasingly attractive and thus contribute to the growth of delivery.

Fulfilling new needs (small average baskets, last-minute cravings) and new consumption times (in the evening, during the working day), home delivery allows local retailers to build customer loyalty and gain new ones.

All food industry players will be impacted by home delivery. The potential of this market forces all the players in the restaurant industry and local retailers to integrate this new data very quickly and offer this new service internally or externally.

Offering a delivery option usually more than offsets the loss of revenue that comes from having a limited number of guests in your restaurant at any given time. This is also convenient for hypochondriacs or immunocompromised individuals, who are still the highest risk group in covid. Another benefit of delivery in the current climate is that restaurants with delivery options see a 20% increase in check size.

3. Make your own delivery


If the company manages the delivery, it must be organized. It is crucial to ensure that deliveries are made on time in order to respect the customer’s schedule and requirements. Delivery also involves new employees, vehicles, and equipment adapted and specific to this type of delivery.

With the development of new applications, more and more people are becoming adept at-home delivery. This additional service allows to improve its brand image and, if it is correctly managed, to get new benefits which are sometimes extremely rewarding! The costs related to the implementation of this type of service are generally quickly paid back.

This new mode of consumption is a real opportunity for your business, and it can be adapted to all sectors of activity: restaurants, stores, clothing stores, grocery stores, florists. If you want to have your own website or delivery system, then call Linkeo ltd, who are experts in creating websites and delivery systems and options for SMEs.

Looking for help?

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