5 Reasons to Have Custom-Made Rings

5 Reasons to Have Custom-Made Rings
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The world is changing, and so are our values. In the past, people used to value the mass of gold and carat of stones in wedding rings, but today the trend is changing. More and more people are being guided by their taste instead of traditions and superstitions concerning rings. Custom-made rings now hold a more special meaning in the choice of jewelry for future brides and grooms. Here are some reasons to opt for a customized ring for your magical day!

1) Heirloom

After putting the ring on their ring finger, the bride and groom officially accept the new status – they are now a family. One of the main advantages of having your ring custom-made is that you can include something passed down for generations into it. This will allow you to add more symbolism at this vital time and for the rest of your married life. For instance, it could be an important date, names, stones etc. As a rule, the inscription is made inside the ring, and its meaning is intended only for the wearer.

2) Celebrity Ring Designs

Have you seen an elegant bridal jewel by Cartier, Damiani or Bvlgari in the hands of celebrities, and your dream is to have the same ring design? We understand you; these types of wedding rings with the delicate work and impeccable taste of professional jewelry brands rarely leave you indifferent!

Not surprisingly, copies of famous jewelry have firmly taken their place in the fashion of wedding rings. If you like a particular design, you can have it custom-made for you. The primary condition for success in this business is to choose the right jewelry workshop so that the desired rings are a replica, not a caricature. Experienced jewellers should only use high-quality metals in their work and pay attention to the smallest details.

3) Ring With Couple Designs

Another excellent option custom-made rings allow you to have is designs that emphasize couples’ strength and spiritual bond. It can be a jewel engraved in pairs where parts of a sentence are written on each partner’s ring. Or, for example, accessories with a complimentary design: a key and a lock, half of a heart, part of a design, a puzzle, etc. These rings are usually connected together as two missing parts symbolically recall couples’ romantic love story.

The matching patterns can be made of any material and decorated with various stones, for example, with diamond inserts. It can also have unusual shapes by creating edges on which light plays effectively, reflecting thousands of reflections.

Sami Fine Jewelry Open Heart Ring - Sami Fine Jewelry

4) Combination of Metals

Do you want rings with a similar design but with different metals? With custom-made rings, you can make this happen! You can give free rein to your imagination. For instance, in the past, many couples preferred a combination of three shades of gold: yellow, white and pink. This golden alliance was a symbol of love, friendship and loyalty. You may also use platinum and rose gold. Besides, one part of the accessory can be smooth and classic, and the second can be decorated with ornaments, engravings or small stones.

5) Unique Designs

Or maybe you have a unique idea? Share it with a jeweller – together, you will create a masterpiece, unlike anything else. You can have an unusual texture by choosing the shape of the chain, braids, knots and carvings. The animalistic style of jewelry attracts more and more brides and grooms. In such rings, you can find pictures of animals, outlines of plants, a combination of small and large stones. All these details, harmoniously assembled in a single accessory, can embody a truly exclusive jewel.

We are sure that every story is unique, so why not make your rings unique as well?! If you want custom-made rings for your big day, the team at Hofland Diamonds INC. can bring your jewellery design to life. They’ll take the time to discuss your style preferences, stone choice, budget and everything else! Contact them for more information.

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