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Why are Family Traditions Important?

Why are  Family Traditions Important?
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Traditions can be small or big and vary from families to families. They are regular rituals that are performed every year or on a daily basis. People hold their ancestor’s tradition close to their heart because it forms part of their community, culture and family history. Traditions offer numerous benefits to families :

Traditions are believed to bring families closer as every year families have a specific day when they come together to celebrate something. Birthdays, Christmas, new year’s eve or Thanksgiving are the most preferred traditions of most families. It also serves as a reminder of events that have shaped the family bond for so many years. Stories that are told during those family events take you back down memory lane and also help to shape a child’s personality.

Families who follow traditions build a stronger connection among themselves and give them a chance to have face to face interaction which decreases loneliness and boost the happy hormones. They get to know each other more and trust each other intimately. In this hectic world, family bonding offers comfort and security. On the other hand, the main purpose of keeping traditions alive is to teach values to the upcoming generations. Whether it is religious or secular, ancestors believed in imparting and reinforcing values.

Continuing family traditions is a great way to keep your traditions going from generation to generation. It teaches the children about their culture and roots. Family traditions cultivate grandparental involvement and create a bond between new and older generations. It creates lasting memories and a loving relationship between grandchildren and grandparents.

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