Party Games for Adults

While hosting a party at your place, it is important that you keep your guests entertained. Nowadays, there are a lot of party games which adults enjoy to play. They are fun and keep your guest entertained and laughing throughout the whole party. Trust me! It will be a party that your guests are not going to forget so easily.

Once while browsing through the internet, I came across a list of party games, I tried a few of them and it proved to be a great success. The best things about the party games are that most of them involve drinks and it can be modified according to the type and number of guests that will attend your party.

Choose any of the party games below for your next Halloween, housewarming or dinner party. It can work as a great ice breaker for guests who are new to each other.

1. Murder Mystery Games

This game is perfect for Halloween parties as it can be quite spooky. You will feel like you are in a Scooby Doo movie. Sometimes, a murder mystery is all you need to have fun with your family and friends. There are many free mysteries for you to choose from. Every chart contains different kinds of descriptions, clues, scripts and much more.

2. Who Am I?

Are you good at guessing or acting? This is going to be your favorite game. Who am I ? is a guessing game whereby you can act or draw someone and your teammates have to guess who you are pretending to be. Doesn’t it sound fun, guys?

3. Never Have I ever

With over 400 questions, this is a game that you will never feel bored. This classic game is a drinking game which can also be accommodated into a non-alcoholic game. You simply have to say Never have I done something and those of your friends which have done this thing have to have a sip of their drinks.

4. Truth or Dare

Well, this is a simple game which everyone knows how to play. The rule is that your guests get to decide how tame or wild the game will be. There is a lot of dares which you can try. Browse through the net for the weirdest ones.

5. Conversation cards

If you are looking for a low key icebreaker game, conversation card is a nice game. It can prove to be great fun especially if you are hosting a dinner party. Fill a jar with print out which are full of questions.

How to Throw a Great Housewarming Party

Have you recently bought a new house and waiting to break in? There is no better way to start living in your new nest than having your family and friends to help and celebrate this milestone with you. If you are looking for some mind-blowing ideas to impress your guests, check out the awesome tips below! I promise that your housewarming party will be the talk of every party for a while.

Every family has that ritual of doing the traditional “family dinner” when a special occasion pops up. You can add some more fun to those family dinners. Let’s be honest, we are all busy nowadays that we don’t really get time to check on our parents and other close ones. Family dinners are a great way to meet them all and keep in touch. It strengthens the family bond especially when you have babies at home.

The steps towards your awesome housewarming party are:


In this modern era, there are a lot of ways to invite someone over. However, sending out postal invites still remains the favorite of all. Do not forget to mention RSVP on your cards. You might also want to call them and confirm their presence a day before the event.


Moving to a new house is definitely worth all the alcohol in the world. It is worth celebrating. Make sure to pop open that champagne bottle but keep some non-alcoholic options as well. You would want to keep all your guests happy. The first rule of being a good host is to be considerate. If you are aware that some of your guests do not drink, keep some juices or fizzy drinks ready. You can set up a little bar to add more glamour into your party and impress your guests. All you need is beverages, lemon, and glasses! Let the happy hour begin!


Since you newly shifted to your new house, it is quite obvious that your home is a bit bare. After all, there is a lot of shopping left to do. No matter what, you can still impress your guests by filling your home with art decoration such as photos, artworks or candles which will make it look a lot more homely.


Since you are going to have a lot of guests at your place, it will be wise to prepare your snacks and appetizers beforehand. By doing so, you will be having more time to spend with your guests. You can also opt for take-out which will save you the hassle of cooking for a large number of people. Pizza or Chinese are always the best choices.