Health and Fitness Tips For Working People

Don’t you wish that days had more than 24 hours so that you could finally have some time to execute that workout plan which you have been postponing for months now? Time flies when we are busy and we get so tired that we don’t feel like eating a healthy meal or exercising. We rush so much during the day that we neglect our health and fitness.

I cannot remember how many times I have made excuses to not hit the gym or cook my own food. Even my sleep cycle is becoming shorter due to overtime. On the one hand, my professional life was getting better and I was making more money but on the other hand, I was so focused on increasing my knowledge and skills that I completely forgot to take care of my personal life and health.

Here are 10 tips that I have personally tried which will not cost you a lot of time :

1. Sort out your priorities!

If your body does not feel healthy, it affects your mental health as well as your personal and social life. No matter how accomplished you are, you will not be able to enjoy those moments. Once you improve your diet and start working out, you will notice that you will enjoy an improved energy, focused attention, self-confidence, and happy mood.

2. Try some meal prep alternative

If you have a habit of planning meals at the last minute or always don’t know what to eat, you will always end up eating unhealthy snacks or fast food. It’s always advisable to plan your meals to make sure that you are eating healthy. Look for fast cooking recipes and don’t forget to stock your fridge. Whenever you go , make a list of all the healthy options. By doing so, you will be less prone to buy unhealthy snacks.

3. Say goodbye to bad habits!

Do you smoke excessively, can’t resist sweets or go a little too far with your alcohol? It’s high time to do something about it! I understand that it is difficult to change something in one go, but you can slowly let go these bad habit. For the past 15 years, I have always loved a red wine with my dinner, I am addicted to chocolates and been working with heavy smokers. I know it is difficult to give them up, but you can go for alternatives. Limit your alcohol intake and reduce your smoking. You can also enjoy some dark chocolates with strawberries.

4. Find ways to exercise even when you are at work

It is okay if you don’t feel confident enough to work out alone. The good news is that you can exercise while doing some other tasks. Incorporate work out techniques while doing your daily routine. Try considering standing at your desk for a while instead of constantly sitting, ditch the elevator and take the stairs.

5. Relieve stress

Stress affects your focus, health and overall performances. With constant stress, hypertension and anxiety are only a step away, which can lead to overeating or not eating resulting in weight gain or weight loss. Taking up exercise or practicing your hobby can help enormously to reduce stress. You can also try laughing therapies, meditation, yoga or listening to relaxing music.

6. Pick a healthy hotel

If you love dining out, there are a lot of healthy restaurants which are available. Make it a habit to go through a restaurant’s menu before eating out. If you find that the options are healthy enough for you, go for it! Even when you are traveling for business, try to book hotels which have gyms and healthy menu options.

7. Work out with your kids

There is no better personal trainer than your kids! A great way to work out is to play with your kids. Release the child within you by running with your kids, jumping on the trampoline or playing football. Don’t ever feel guilty to spend much time with your kids.

8. Relax

As much as your body needs to work out, it also needs to relax. Take longer baths or share a great laughing session with your friends. It helps to keep you mentally healthy.

9. Surround yourself with people who live healthy lifestyles

When everyone around you is living healthily, that will inspire you to do the same. Keep your distance from people who encourage you to have a cheat day. By finding friends with similar habits, living healthier will be an easy way of life.

10. Spend time with people you love

Hard time affect your health and fitness badly. It is important to get through them with the right mindset, and in order to do so, it is advisable to keep your loved ones close.

How To Plan The Perfect Halloween Party?

The season of the witches and wizards is here! Halloween is probably the best holiday for both kids and adults. Dressing up as witches or any fictional character and planning parties are just the hype of this season. Planning the perfect Halloween party is just as amazing as it is to decide everything about the party.

So to help you out, here are some points you will need to consider when planning the perfect party!



• Pick a theme
Setting a theme for a party is always easy as the decorations will be available. Try traditional ideas like a costume party or a marathon of scary movies. Some ideas can be dead celebrities, murder mysteries or cartoon characters!

• Set a date and time
Setting the date and time is important as your guests will have to mark their calendar for your party. It’s important that all guests are told the same schedule. It can be on Halloween night or before that, it totally depends on your choice!

• Make a guest list and send invites
Make your list ahead of setting the time and date as you will need to provide for all these guests. Don’t forget sending the invites! Also double check with all your guests days prior to your party.

• Plan your costume
Around Halloween, it’s easier to find the costumes you would want to wear. There are almost sales everywhere you go. You can always customize your costumes with materials available at home.

• Plan the decorations
Decorating for Halloween can be hectic as you would want your party to be memorable. Yes, it can be memorable but try not to overdo it! Look for decorations that are according to your theme and according to what you can afford. Decoration does not mean the furniture covers or hanging spiders, you can always decorate with your foods. I don’t mean to play with the food, but be creative with the food. Try looking up for Halloween specials on the internet!

• Drinks and food
Spending your time in the kitchen for Halloween is inadvisable! So it’s better if you prepare the food and drinks for your guests beforehand. You can always hire caterers to help you out or just order pizza for the lot you have invited. It’s always handy to do so!


• Plan games
If you feel like your party is going to be boring, then games are the best solution! Plan some board games or some spooky games to liven up your party.

There it goes, now you can plan the perfect party!

Why are Family Traditions Important?

Traditions can be small or big and vary from families to families. They are regular rituals that are performed every year or on a daily basis. People hold their ancestor’s tradition close to their heart because it forms part of their community, culture and family history. Traditions offer numerous benefits to families :

Traditions are believed to bring families closer as every year families have a specific day when they come together to celebrate something. Birthdays, Christmas, new year’s eve or Thanksgiving are the most preferred traditions of most families. It also serves as a reminder of events that have shaped the family bond for so many years. Stories that are told during those family events take you back down memory lane and also help to shape a child’s personality.

Families who follow traditions build a stronger connection among themselves and give them a chance to have face to face interaction which decreases loneliness and boost the happy hormones. They get to know each other more and trust each other intimately. In this hectic world, family bonding offers comfort and security. On the other hand, the main purpose of keeping traditions alive is to teach values to the upcoming generations. Whether it is religious or secular, ancestors believed in imparting and reinforcing values.

Continuing family traditions is a great way to keep your traditions going from generation to generation. It teaches the children about their culture and roots. Family traditions cultivate grandparental involvement and create a bond between new and older generations. It creates lasting memories and a loving relationship between grandchildren and grandparents.

Fun Family Traditions to start as from Today

Interested in creating new family traditions to strengthen your family bond? Here are a few you might consider!

1. Secret Handshake

Secrets handshakes have been invented to distinguish members. When it comes to families, secret handshakes can be used to pass on code messages. It is like concocting your own secret language which only family members would understand.

2.Guess who

This is a game which can have a pleasant effect during a family gathering. Take out pieces of paper and write down things which you like about your favorite family member. Choose one person to select and read the piece of paper while the others try to guess which member they are referring to. In that way, the positive things written on the paper makes everyone happy about themselves.

3. Happiness Jar

Write down every special memory which made your heart overwhelmed during family time. Drop the paper in a Jar. Whenever any of you feels low, grab a piece of the happiness jar and feel grateful for your wonderful family around you.

4. Mornings in bed

Choose a morning between Saturday and Sunday to spend some time in bed with your family. Try having breakfast in bed with some cookies and milk. Taking a few minutes to relax and spend time with your family is a great way to have a great weekend.

5. Movie / Game night

Let a different family member choose a movie or game each week. This tradition makes every family member feel important.

Becoming A Wine Connoisseur

“Where there is no wine, there is no love- Euripides”

As daunting as it is to become a wine expert, there are many people who are still confused between oenophile, connoisseur, and sommelier. Well, let me clarify; you drink wine with an oenophile, you discuss wine with a connoisseur and you buy wine from a sommelier! Simple as that!

There’s always that friend who, with the swirl of a wine glass, will leave you awestruck of their sophisticated wine skills. If you want to be that friend, then this blog is totally apt for you!



Here are some points that will help you become a wine expert:

• Start with the basics
Buy wine from the local grocery store or the local wine shop. Taste it and know the difference. You will develop your palate to differentiate between the good and bad taste. Make sure that every wine you taste you swish around in your mouth instead of gulping it directly to the back of your throat. You will soon develop your palate to taste flavor nuances.

• Learn the terminologies
Take some time to learn some basic wine terminology, it helps in understanding terms such as ‘tannins’ and ‘terroir.’ Remove the unfamiliar terms barrier by learning from the knowledgeable ones.

• Pairing food and wine
Order for a glass of wine, rather than the bottle. Wine can impact the flavor of food, and it will allow you to taste different wines with different dishes. You will start to learn combining food with wine, such as white wine, and shellfish enhance each other. You will find that some combinations when taken with food is just perfect! It always helps when you are organizing a party.


• Lookout for your new favorites
If you feel in love with a wine and it’s not available, try to look out for the newest available on the market. Find new wine experiences, read the labels, the stories about each wine and more. It might look discouraging but know you are in for an excellent time. Wineries always welcome new wine experts to know more about their wines.

• Sit down and read a book
Pick up a book about wines and read about it! Read till you understand everything about wine and the making of wine in different countries. This will give you a better understanding of the quality of wines and appreciate their taste.

• Taking risks
Taste as much as the variety of wines you can. It helps to develop your taste buds to the wines, buy the cheapest and the expensive wines and differentiate their taste. Step out of your comfort zone and try the newest wines!

Your journey to becoming a connoisseur has just begun! Take a class to know more!

5 Interesting Traditions Around the World

Traditions are beliefs that contribute to our culture. They are passed down from generation to generation and remind us of our ancestors and rich historical background. Some traditions are celebrated all around the world such as Christmas and birthdays, nevertheless, there are some weird and fun traditions that are practiced only by a group of people in some countries.

  • Cimburijada festival of scrambled eggs in Zenica, Bosnia

Well, do you like scrambled eggs? You can wholeheartedly satisfy your scrambled egg cravings in Bosnia during spring or more precisely during the month of March. During that festival, eggs are scrambled and given out for free. It is celebrated to mark the beginning of a new season. You will come across a lot of tourists during that festive season. Not just because they want free eggs, its because this festival is fun-filled.

  • La Tomatina or tomato craze in Bunol Spain

Are you ready to paint the town red? Every Wednesday of the month of August, Spanish people use tomatoes for a fun fight. It is considered to be the world’s biggest tomato fight. This festival is meant only for entertainment. If you are planning to visit Spain anytime soon, you can add this to your itinerary.

  • The Polterabend custom in Germany

This custom includes a lot of breaking. Family and friends of future married couples meet over dinner and break a large number of porcelain dishes. The couples are then obliged to clean the mess. The aim of this custom is to teach them the importance of teamwork and unity. It is also considered as good luck and essential for the relationship to last longer.

  • Famadihana: dancing with the dead in Madagascar

Reburial ceremony, Madagascar

Also known as turning of the bones, this festival honors the dead. It is celebrated every 7 years. Only the families who can afford lavish dinners and new clothes for the existing family members celebrate this festival. Family members dance with their dead relatives and show them respect. They even give gifts to the dead. Note that crying is strictly prohibited during the celebration.

  • Throwing cinnamon to those still single at 25 in Denmark

If you are 25 years old and still single in Denmark, be prepared to be drenched in cinnamon! This tradition is practiced on the person’s 25th birthday by friends and family. The individual is doused with cinnamon sticks. The interesting fact is that this tradition encourages single people to look for a partner before they turn 25.

15 ways to practice self-care everyday

Self-care is not about salt baths while relaxing in your bathtub or eating chocolate cakes the whole day! It is about opting for the right choice in order to build a better and organized life. Even though life can get busy, there are lots of small things that you can do on a daily basis to take care of yourself. All it takes is a minimum effort!

1. Say goodbye to social media for an hour everyday

Whether it is during lunchtime or before going to bed, make it a habit to put your phone on aeroplane mode and give yourself a break from the buzz on social media.

2. Take time to breathe deeply

We tend to get so busy in our hectic lives that we forget to take deep breaths. Take a pause every day and practice deep breathing. This exercise will help you reduce and manage your stress level.

3. Learn to appreciate nature when you feel anxious

Whenever you feel like you are not good enough or feel like your anxiety is really draining your thoughts, take some time out and watch the sky. Surrender all the bad thoughts as you enjoy your surrounding.

4. Make use of herbs in your tea when you are sad

Some herbs such as Lavender and peppermint have some very soothing effect on your mental health. They help to boost your happy hormones. Keep them around for whenever you are feeling low.

5. Enjoy your daily routine

We get so lost in our daily routine that we forget to enjoy or focus on the little things of life. So whenever you are at your table, having breakfast or dinner, take some time to enjoy that moment. By practicing this, you will notice that your brain will be more active for the whole day.

6. Practice more stretching

Sitting for a very long period of time can result into muscular pain. The good news is that you can have a mini stretching session within 2 minutes. Stand up and rotate your shoulders, neck, feet and wrists!

7. Give yourself a positive affirmation everyday

The moment you wake up and head straight to the wash basin to brush your teeth, look at yourself and say “ I am strong and can do anything on my own” or “ I am enough for my whole self”. It will keep you motivated for the whole day.

8. Take time to moisturize

Skin to skin contact can be very soothing. Moisturizing your hands and legs is not only good for your skin but also has a great effect on your mental health.

9. Give yourself something to look forward to

Whether it is watching your favourite movie or reading a good book, always make a fun plan after work. Doing something that you like after a hectic day will definitely put you in a good mood.

10. Give someone a compliment

Spread positive energy all around you by doing kind things for people. While doing so, you will find yourself uplifted emotionally.

11. Create completely different habits from your routine ones

Habits help you to build a mind frame and positive habits can result into happiness and a source of motivation. Whether it is cleaning a closet, practicing yoga or even meditating. Dare to invest into a new life-changing habit.

12. Just laugh

Dedicate a few minutes of your day watching a funny video on YouTube or Facebook. Laughing cheers you up, makes you feel good and awakens the happy hormones in your body. You might as well save some jokes to read on your way back from work.

13. Listen to relaxing nature sounds

Listening to relaxing nature sounds that soothe the mind and help to concentrate. It is advisable to listen to nature sounds while working.

14. Keep yourself hydrated

Make it a habit to always keep yourself hydrated. You can put reminders throughout the day to remind you to hydrate and drink water. Being hydrated prevents you from feeling stressed and tired.

15. Practice meditation

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and promote emotional health. By doing a two minute meditation, you will find more headspace to continue your work better.

16.List all the things that you appreciate about yourself

We can readily make a list about all our negative traits but dare to turn that around and notice all the little positive qualities that you hold. It will make you feel good about yourself.

17.Treat yourself

We struggle so much to save money that we forget that a little splurging on one self can be rewarding. Treat yourself once in a while.


It is almost impossible to feel bad when you are smiling. While doing so, give others a reason to smile as well.

19. Get enough sleep

Getting 8 hours of sleep is essential as everything is hard when your body is tired.

Cooking – the joy is just beyond words


Factors determining what you are going to cook tonight

The meal you are going to cook tonight is determined by what you have experienced during the day. It pertains mainly to your mood, environment, taste and liking. A peaceful and joyous mood will encourage you to eat some delicious meal. It also depends on the proximity of the food and of course, some good cooking skills and organization in your kitchen.

Instances that will determine your choice of dish

Cooking is nourishment, happiness and the feeling of being loved. It depends on your way of life and food consciousness. Let’s picture it – you had a good conversation on game meat with your colleague at work. Since that particular moment, your taste buds have been sending signals to your neurons. On your way back home, you pass through a park where you can smell the freshness of the woods. By now it is obvious, you have decided you are going to eat something from the woods, game meat for dinner! You are in the mood to cook tonight.

Uniting the mood and the charm

The condiments you are using to cook is spreading a typical mouthwatering aroma all over the house. Your spouse is also helping you in the kitchen and the cooking experience is bringing you both closer. Words just cannot describe the magic of the moment.

Healthy food at home

The food you crave often depends on the season. Home cooking has many benefits. It gives you the opportunity to cook healthy balanced diet meals. For example, you can choose to eat organic food because you firmly believe that organic food is better for your health. It also helps you contribute in encouraging organic farming.

Cooking is one of life’s great pleasures

You have to use your creativity to prepare any dish. You need to dirty your hands, make things happen. You want a well-garnished platter. The end product is worth the time, energy and patience. Finally, once you’ve done the cooking and sit at the table together with your family and eat the food, the satisfaction you experience is a well-merit one! You know you have worked hard for that. Life is compensating your effort. When you get into that trance, the joy is so immense. You feel in harmony with the universe.

What are you waiting for, get cooking!

Aspects of cooking

Cooking is in the ADN of each cook

Each dish has its own unique flavour, which depends on the cook. What makes a good chef in a 5-star restaurant depends on the chef’s feelings during the day, the selection of ingredients, the cutting of the meat, chopping of the vegetables, presentation of the dish and the right dosage of seasoning.

Cooking involves team spirit

Cooking in a team requires good team spirit for it to be successful. It has the power to unite people as it involves communication and helping each other. Cooking is often a team building activity in many businesses. At the same time cooking is a sharing of knowledge, with each individual having their own skills and preferences in either European, Oriental, Australian, Modern Asian, South American, North American, African and even Traditional cooking.

The art of seasoning

Seasoning is the right balance of sweetness and sourness or acidity in the food. Some people know how to harmonize sweet, sour, salt, and bitter flavours. Salt enhances sweetness and suppresses bitterness while uplifting the taste of the food. For example, when you are using hot chilli, you will need to add more sour and salty ingredients, but of course, it all depends on your personal liking. Most people learn how to cook from printed recipes. However, only experience can teach you how to fix the dosage of ingredients despite some cooks are naturally gifted with that quality.

The freshness of your ingredients

Fresh veggies and fresh meat or fish defines the quality of your meal. I remember eating The catch of the day, which was prepared by the chef at Restaurant La Plage in a five-star hotel, So Sofitel Bel Ombre, Mauritius. It was such an exquisite experience. My palate has never tasted something so good. The fish had a saline taste from the sea, the flavor was typical from the coast. It was a mixture of all the smell from the surrounding area. The preparation, the texture and quality of the food was a class above. I suddenly felt I was already in paradise!

Cooking is a passion

After all, cooking is a passion which liberates our own creativity. It is a manipulation of different kinds of ingredients. It is a blend of the love, patience and effort put into action. Nowadays, most hotels offer cooking classes to their guests, which is a nice way for them to experience the local culture and food.

Cooking can be a really enjoyable experience. Try it!

Paving stone for your landscaping project

Originating from Europe, manufactured paving stones were used after the war when Europeans needed an affordable paver to rebuild streets. This clay-based product is not easily manufactured as the majority of its content are primarily concrete based. The secret behind the beauty of precast paving stones is that they can stand alone on a gravel base. You will not need special equipment to move them due to their small size.

Precast paving stones are used for landscaping purposes due to affordability and versatility. The majority of these fall into the following categories:

Interlocking pavers: These stones come in different shapes and colors. They produce a paving pattern upon installation. The patterns are visually attractive and are preferred over expensive stones and tiles.

Precast unit pavers: They produce a uniformly crisp surface with shaped units such as bricked rectangles in multiple sizes.

Tumbled precast unit pavers: To produce a natural surface, these pavers are tumbled at the factory. They give an ancient appearance and mimics hewn stones. They are safer options for pool decks and sports courts as they offer a softer edge.

Open Cell pavers: These pavers were designed to increase permeability in parking lots as it allows water to drain through the openings in the pavers.

Turf pavers: Turf pavers were designed for emergency equipment to drive over the lawn. They are mostly used for overflow parking.

Choosing the perfect pavers

The addition of pavers can enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, driveways, and walkways. It is no surprise that pavers make a drastic difference in the appearance of almost everything, from pool decks and walkways to barbecue area and porches. Since pavers are versatile and can be used in different shapes and forms, it is necessary to make the right choice. Like plants, paving material adds glamour, texture, color, and pattern to your landscape.

Paving materials come in two kinds: quarried stones and composite materials. You can choose either of them according to your budget. Quarried stone such as granite and slate are mostly dug and shaped accordingly by cutting, splitting or crushing whereas composite materials are more like bricks and concrete pavers which are processed and molded when soft. To choose the perfect paver for your yard, you should consider your budget first as some of them can be really costly. You can talk it out with your contractor before taking any decision.