How to Choose your Prenatal Vitamins

There are so many prenatal vitamins available out there that it is difficult to know which one will best suit you. What you should know is that what may work for you may not work for another person. Women respond to supplements differently. It depends on which element of your body has a deficiency or which element can boost your body and that of your baby also.

Eating a whole lot of food is not always possible to absorb the necessary amount of nutrients. This is where prenatal vitamins come in handy. You can research over the net or ask your doctor which vitamins will best suit you. But in the end, you would still want to know if you can take this or that because you don’t want the baby to lack any of the nutrients that will make him/her smart and strong. And, your doctor will not have time to give you a whole list of the essential nutrients beneficial for both baby and you.

So, what you can do is to request your doctor to prescribe you an in-depth blood test to determine where your deficiencies are and whether you should be going for a prescription or an over-the-counter prenatal vitamin.

Prescription vs over-the-counter prenatal vitamins

Keep in mind that the essential ingredients are pretty much the same in each. But, some prescription prenatal vitamins may contain extra nutrients at higher doses. Nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acid or zinc and iron. Some over-the-counter whole prenatal multivitamins are excellent. You can check on their nutritional facts and talk to your doctor.

What should the best prenatal vitamins include?

The nutrient that is most imperative in a prenatal vitamin is folic acid. It is an established fact that folic acid decreases the risk of neural tube defects like spina bifida. In a supplement, you may find more than 30 nutritional elements. It is a huge list like below:

So, what you should be looking for?

Folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin D, DHA. The rest is as much important, but you should be getting most of them from eating a balanced diet. The supplement will be most helpful for people who cannot follow a balanced diet.

Calcium is essential to support a baby’s bone development. It also prevents osteoporosis in the mother. Most prenatal vitamins contain 200 – 300 mg of calcium. You will need to get more from your food.

Vitamin D works together with calcium to help the baby’s bones and teeth develop. It’s also necessary for healthy eyesight and skin. Most prenatal vitamins contain about 400 international units of vitamin D.

DHA is essential for all of us. It is an omega-3 fatty acid that helps our brains to perform at their best.

From the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Fats and Fatty Acids in Human Nutrition, 10-14 November 2008, WHO, Geneva

They concluded and recommended:

For adult pregnant and lactating females, the minimum intake for optimal adult health and fetal and infant development is 0.3 g/d EPA+DHA, of which at least 0.2 g/d should be DHA. … The US Food and Drug Administration (DHHS 1997) having set a ‘Generally Regarded as Safe’ level of 3000 mg/day …

EPA is yet another essential omega-3 fatty acid which works together with DHA to keep the brain strong and healthy.

Note the % Daily Value from the right column in the above table. Some nutrients are below 100% of your daily recommended value. You will get the rest of your daily recommended value from food. Check on the labels of the products available over the counter. Talk to your doctor about your needs and he/she will help you choose one that best addresses them.

I hope the above help you with choosing your prenatal multivitamin. Good luck with your baby.

Simple Ways to Make your Baby Smarter

Parents want to set their child for success and the promise for success is the baby’s IQ.

The decisions, choices, and things that we make can affect the growth and development of a baby. Some moms will listen to Beethoven, others will read books and some others will use their creativity in art drawings or concocting amazing recipes. The basic idea being that the more relaxed you are while also being creative during that period of pregnancy will help to form the baby’s brain. Nowadays, stress is the cause of almost all kind of diseases. Thus, when you relax and allow your creativity to show up, your body produces fewer stress hormones.

Let’s take a look at the things that you can do during your pregnancy.


Your body releases mood-boosting endorphins after a workout. Blood in your body carries all the essential nutrients to your baby. Exercise increases the blood flow around your womb. That, in turn, stimulates the baby’s development. Research has found that Aerobic exercises during pregnancy target baby’s brain. Particularly, improving brain function and spatial learning.

Stop doing drugs. Stop drinking alcohol. Stop smoking!

These points are undeniable. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of birth defects and learning disabilities in newborns. No amount of drinking alcohol is safe! Kindly abstain from drinking alcohol to promote the intellectual development of a baby.

Eat fish

Fish may help expectant moms improve their baby’s cognitive feature. Fish may also decrease the risk of early symptoms of autism. In 2016, a study found that kids whose mothers ate fish regularly (3-4servings per week) had an IQ score of 2.8% higher than children whose moms ate less fish. Fish contains essential omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA). You get these from a variety of oily fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, albacore tuna, and lake trout.

You can refer to an interesting blog article on What are Fish Oil supplements and capsules. If you don’t eat tons of fish you should be taking food supplement like fish oil in your diet to get enough EPA & DHA. But, to be on the safe side, consult your doctor before taking any prenatal food supplement.

From the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Fats and Fatty Acids in Human Nutrition, 10-14November, 2008, WHO, Geneva

They concluded and recommended:

For adult pregnant and lactating females, the minimum intake for optimal adult health and fetal and infant development is 0.3 g/d EPA+DHA, of which at least 0.2 g/d should be DHA. … The US Food and Drug Administration (DHHS 1997) having set a ‘Generally Regarded as Safe’ level of 3000 mg/day …

Eat eggs

The egg is a superfood that may set a baby to become a fast learner with better memory. Egg yolks contain choline which is a member of the vitamin B family. Choline is among the US Institute of Medicine’s list of essential nutrients for pregnant women. In 2004, a study on rats revealed that choline changes the brain’s cell structure to support cognitive development. The rats had received an increased intake of choline during pregnancy. They found that the pups had 20-25% larger neurons in the brain area that’s critical for learning. This means that their brain cells had more capacity to receive incoming signals.

Choline food supplement

In case you do not eat much, check with your doctor if it is OK for you to supplement on Choline. You can refer to this interesting article on Brain Enhancement Nutrient – CHOLINE.

Talk to the baby when it is still in the womb

David & Sarah’s Pregnancy Session

In 2013, a study revealed that babies were able to recognize a word and its variations after they were born. Expectant women were given a recording to play toward the end of their pregnancy that included a made-up word. A test with neural signals showed they could recognize the pitch and vowel changes in the word. The babies who heard the word most often when they were in the utero had the strongest response. This suggests that learning starts inside the womb. The baby is receptive to what the mom talks.

Within the first two months of life, the baby can recognize the voices of the parents. Their voices become a familiar sound that helps soothe and make baby feel safe.


During the nine months of pregnancy, the mother should stay calm and live without stress. The mother should practice regular exercises and eat healthy foods. If there is any nutrient deficiency, your doctor will tell you which food supplement to take. Smile and talk to your baby despite he/she is still inside the womb.

You will reap the benefits by getting a smarter than average baby. Good luck to you!

For more information and tips, jot down your comments in the section below. I will be happy to reply.

10 Tips To Having An Organized Garage

Garages are made to keep our cars but along with our cars, we keep other things such as old clothes, empty paint cans, broken things that one day we might repair or maybe something that you never want to see again. The garage sometimes becomes the Bermuda Triangle where everything gets lost. Well, there comes a time when you will have to clean that garage. So to help you out, here are some tips to have an organized garage. It can be a day or two which you will have dedicated to organizing your garage, so bear with it!

  1. Set time aside – Cleaning a garage can be a day or more especially if you have a big garage. Think properly before actually starting. This task will take much longer even with help. Plan at least a full day! You can start by Friday evening and end on Sunday mid-day.
  2. Recruit friends and family – The more hands you have to help you the better it is! Involve your friends and family by delegating tasks appropriate for different ages. If you have friends, ask them what they want before embarking them on this. It is surprising to see how much people are willing to lend a hand and all you need to do is ask.
  3. Sort through everything – Get started by sorting every single item in the garage. You can categorize them in three different parts – throw, donate, and keep. Keep track of things that you haven’t used in five years. Check for expiration dates on paint and chemicals. Throw away things that are no longer repairable.
  4. Determine a place to store things – Go through your keep pile and determine which items should be stored, preferably elsewhere. If you live in regions where the temperature is high or low, then store paints and other chemicals inside so that it does not get ruined. Keep your garage free from rodents and bugs invasion. Store foods, be it for you or the pets, elsewhere such as a pantry or laundry room.
  5. Create a new floor plan – It is wise to create a floor plan where you will be able to design how much space you are saving. Categorize your items based on what they are used for that is gardening, sports, seasonal wears. Measure your garage dimensions and create zones for each category. Be careful when doing so because you would want to keep a place for your car also!
  6. Rely on shelves and cabinets – The most essential thing when organizing is having shelves and cabinets. Shelves are better when it comes to staying organized. Have at least one cabinet in order to store valuable items and dangerous chemicals. Keep the floor space in your garage clean and avoid setting items on the floor and choose cabinets with legs so that it will be easier to clean under them.
  7. Organize your things in a plastic bin – Place items that you will need on shelves and use plastic bins in order to keep things that you rarely use. Stock up on organizational containers to keep smaller items. Though it will not be easy to locate the items it will save more space and that’s what we need, isn’t it!
  8. Install organizing systems – Rely on having a peg board in order to hang gardening tools that have handles, golf bags, tennis rackets, and also bikes if you are not using them on a daily basis. You can hang your bike by tire on an S hook into the ceiling in order to save more space. You can also consider buying a hanging shelf in order to use all the space in the garage reasonably. Use track based system in order to keep items such as bikes, wheelbarrows or motorcycles inside. If need be, you can also have an exterior wall of your garage added as a lean-to shed.
  9. Throw away and donate – Once the items that you decided to keep are stored and organized, it’s time for things to go away! Well, you need to do a checkup before and see if you are sure to throw it away or keep it. If there are items you are planning to donate, think well as these items will go to other people. So have a thorough checkup before publishing on Craiglist or donating it to other associations. If you don’t know where to go then look for the nearest donation center.
  10. Use junk removal services – It is not hard to get hold of them, just inform the municipal council that you need their help to get items off your driveway or yard. Have your unwanted items hauled from your place in no time, where they will be recycled, reused or donated. It is logical to have an update on the items that you are planning to donate or throw.

So are you all pumped up for a summer garage cleanup soon?

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the use of water for the treatment of several medical conditions such as arthritis and rheumatic complaints. It is very different from swimming as it includes special and prescribed exercises that people do in a warm-water pool. It positively affects chronic, progressive and acute health problems and provides relief to a huge number of arthritis patients.

Doctors often suggest hydrotherapy to alleviate their patients from severe pain and progressive diseases. Those who suffer from chronic conditions benefit from water therapy as it soothes their pain. Now in modern societies with the help of home spas and hot tubs, it is easier to have your own, a personal water therapy session at home.

Circulation and detoxification

Immersing yourself in hot water as a part of hydrotherapy can lead to expansion of your blood vessels which in its turn stimulates your blood circulation. When your blood flow gets better, it removes all the toxins which make you disease-free. It facilitates the removal of lactic acid build-ups in your joints which can cause discomfort. It is believed that hydrotherapy positively affects the whole internal organs.

Arthritis and joint pain

Suffering from arthritis majorly deals with a lot of severe pain. Water therapy helps you by reducing the inflammation which is associated with arthritis. Some studies have revealed that a large number of patients who suffered from psoriatic arthritis or osteoarthritis can experience instant pain relief after a session of aquatic therapy. Warmth, weight support, and gentle resistance have a positive effect on your joints and muscles especially for patients with severe bone problems. Ankle-twisting or knee sprains can also be treated by using water therapy.

Stress relief

In this hectic world, everyone deals with stress. While some are better at dealing with it on their own, others need therapy in order to keep their stress in control. Doctors often look for physical tensions when they have to diagnose a patient with extreme stress or anxiety. Our bodies can express mental or emotional anxieties through physical pain. One of the best ways to relieve stress is to spend some time in warm water and let go off all the stress. Exposure to running warm water can release all the tension from your body and do wonders on your brain. People who experience aqua therapy have more endorphins which help to keep them stressfree. Endorphins are natural chemicals which keep you away from anxiety and depression.


A lot of people deal with insomnia and there is nothing better than the sound of water to help you fall asleep. Insomniacs who wants to sleep peacefully need to try hydrotherapy at least once in their life. Sitting in a hot tub or spa and letting the water lull them to sleep is a wonderful experience. The water relieves all their stress and helps them to relax as insomnia can be a side effect of anxiety. You can as well try deep massages for a good night’s rest.

Muscle weakness

If you suffer from compromised muscle strength, sore muscles or muscle pain, water therapy can be a source of great relief for you as it is considered as low-impact physical activity. The best thing about water is that they stimulate exercises which patients cannot endure to do on the land due to severe pain. It makes it more bearable for them to exercise. Hydrotherapy gives patients more control over their bodies despite being in much pain. It allows them to move.

Additional benefits

Hydrotherapy is not only for people who suffer from acute and chronic illnesses, but it can also beneficial for anyone who wants to be fit. Massaging your body under warm water has multiple benefits such as better digestion, stronger immune system and increase in metabolic rate which leads to weight loss in case you are looking to lose some fats. It can also help you to get rid of acne. Water is very beneficial for clear skin.

Hydrotherapy risks

As much as hydrotherapy can be fun and beneficial, it also comes with some risks for some individuals. For those who have vulnerable builds, it is not appropriate to try this therapy as they can easily succumb to dehydration. It is also prohibited for people suffering from lung problems and pregnant ladies as they can find their symptoms to exacerbate. Too much heat can also cause blood circulation problems, tissue damage, and even pain. It is important that you contact a professional while going through water therapy as invasive work out might result in organ perforation if it is not performed properly.
If after hydrotherapy, you experience vomiting, nausea, dizziness, dehydration or fever, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Hydrotherapy Sessions

The best thing about hydrotherapy is that you do not need to know swimming to be able to enjoy it. Sessions are normally thirty to forty-five minutes long.

Best Comedy Movies to Watch

As the saying goes, “ Laughter is the best therapy”. Laughing promotes good health and energy. It works better on our body than any other medicine. It helps our vessels, mental health, and social life. The best way to have a laugh all week long is to watch comedy movies. The progressing century has already produced a large number of comedy blockbusters.

Feeling blues? Just grab your comforter and a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie which is going to make you laugh until your belly starts to ache. Whether it makes you giggle, snort or just chuckle, it does not matter. It is all worth it as long as it is lifting your spirits.

Below are some comedy movies which you should never miss out on :

  • Wet Hot American Summer

This one movie which I just cannot stop watching. I can laugh over some scenes again and again. Why do you ask? Because this movie is about a group of people in their 20s and 30s who are playing a bunch of hapless and ridiculous camp counselors that just never grow old. Do not miss Paul Rudd’s angry teen scene as it is absolutely hilarious.

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love

This a family dramedy (mostly comedy) which relates the stories of people who are trying hard to figure their life and love out. I am sure that Ryan Gosling’s abs are going to make you drool. Trust me, you will also appreciate the characters of Emma Stone and Steve Carell.

  • Mean Girls

This movie is surely going to make you feel better about life as this movie is written by Tina Fey. Well, if you love movies which you can quote while your friends call you obnoxious, then this is the movie that you should watch.

  • The Room

This movie is known as a black comedy as it has been rated as one of the worst movies. However, it is a gem in itself especially if you are looking for a big laugh. Be ready for some Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque. You will not be able to look away from this one.

  • Legally Blond

If you want to watch Reese Witherspoon at her pinkest prime, well this is your chance! This movie is about a Californian sorority sister attempting to get a law degree from Harvard.

  • 50/50

Well along with a good laugh, you will also cry a lot while watching this movie. You will laugh at your life’s misery and will also strike dawn of realization upon what is going on in your life. You are just going to get through it.

  • Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

This movie is comedy gold as it relates the stories of Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino who portray two beautiful naive women who will do absolutely anything to show their former classmates on how “successful” they have become. With some late 90s outfits and some jokes about gummy bears, this movie will be on your top movies list in no time.

  • Moonrise Kingdom

How about a movie in which two determined young lovers are being chased by an outlandish search party? I am pretty sure that this movie is going to make you laugh. It is definitely a quirky movie.

  • 21 Jump Street

Even though people has their doubts about this movie, the duo Jonah Hill and Chaning Tatum have proved that they are the most unlikely yet hysterical pair of cops ever. They really stand out in this one.

  • Best in show

If you ever wanted to make fun of dog shows but never knew how to proceed, then this movie is great for you. It is mixed with a lot of colorful characters which is going to take you on an absurdly funny ride.

  • Pitch Perfect

If you love music and a cappella, this movie is totally a must watch. It is about an all-girls college singing group including Anna Kendrick, choreographed dances and cheesy jokes. Make sure that you watch the second and the third movie afterward.

  • Caddyshack

If you are a fan of high jinks or any type of tomfoolery, you are going to love this movie. You will love every eccentric character in this comedy. After all, Bill Murray is one of them.

  • Bridesmaid

All of the actresses in this movie are bringing out their best games and knock the jokes right out of the park. You are going to enjoy every scene of this movie as each of them brings out the wild side of being a woman.

  • Death at Funeral

This movie is guaranteed fun as there is going to be a lot of chaos in that funeral. Well if you put the whole family in one room, things are surely going to be crazy.

Weird Architectures from Around the World

Architecture has been enriched with extraordinary designs from the beginning of civilization, resulting in many architects leaving their imprint around the world. These masterpieces of construction are still a reason of amazement for the world. It is needless to say that architects have a boon to have their work be loved and praised by each and every one. Well, there are some architects that go beyond their imagination and their creativity to conjure up something so timeless and irreplaceable that we have nothing to say except WOW! So here is a blog about the weird architectures from around the world that will marvel you.

  • Waldspirale, Darmstadt Germany – Translated to “forest spiral” in English, this residential complex reflects the general plan of the building and its green roof. Some of its notable features are the tower that resembles Russian onion domes, the absence of straight lines and sharp colors, and the multicolored paint on the building.
  • The Crooked House (Krzywy Domek), Sopot, Poland – This irregular shaped building is part of the Rezydent shopping center. Designed by Szotynscy and Zaleski, they were inspired by fairy tale drawings. It was built in 2004 and it can be entered from either Monte Cassino or Morska Streets. It is a three-story building with a magical look. Be amazed by the green shades on its curved roof.
  • The Crazy House (Hằng Nga Guesthouse), Vietnam – Popularly known as “The Crazy House”, this guesthouse is an unconventional building designed and constructed by Vietnamese architect Đặng Việt Nga. Described as the “fairy tale house”, this building resembles a giant tree, incorporating sculptured designs representing animals, mushrooms, spider webs, and caves. This architecture is often referred to as expressionist.
  • Mind House Barcelona, Spain – One of the most popular attractions in Barcelona, Park Guell is a prime spot to check out some of Gaudi’s amazing creations. The Mind House is considered to be so amazing that it is sure to be on this list! This three story house has an attic and its roof is studded and painted in a checked white and gray pattern. The Mind House looks like a house straight off a fairy tale.
  • Dancing Building, Prague Czech Republic – Built at the bank of Vltava River in Prague, this stunning building was designed by Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry in 1992 and completed in 1996. The initial name was inspired by the legendary dance duo and also because of the dancing outlines and curves. To be noted that, this building has been in many controversies because of its non-traditional design.
  • Cubic Houses (Kubus Woningen) Rotterdam, Netherlands – A set of innovative houses built in Rotterdam, Netherlands, it was designed by architect Piet Blom and based on the concept of living as an urban roof. Its main purpose was to optimize the space inside. His concept was to create a forest of houses whereby each tree would represent an abstract tree.
  • Bahá’í House of Worship a.k.a Lotus Temple, New Delhi India – Completed in 1989, this mother temple of the Indian subcontinent looks like a flower due to which it is called Lotus Temple. Anyone can visit this place and it is one of the most popular places in New Delhi. Popular among architecture experts, this place has won many awards for its exceptional design.
  • Wonderworks, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA – Wonderworks has to be one of the favorite tourist places in Pigeon Forge. This indoor amusement park is an upside down structure that plays with your mind at the first look. The fake palm trees along the roof add a quirky quotient to this structure. It takes about 3-4 hours to tour each attraction. Guests can throw birthday parties and have a school trip.
  • Stone House (Casa do Penado), Celorico de Basto, Portugal – This architectural monument is located exactly between Celorico de Basto and Fafe in the north of Portugal. It was named because it was built from four large boulders that serve as the foundation, walls, and ceiling of the house. It took two years for its completion in 1974. It was initially used as a holiday destination but today Stone House is a small museum of relics and photographs from Penedo’s history.
  • National Theater, Beijing China – Described as the giant egg, this art center contains an opera house. It was designed by French architect Paul Andreu and the construction started in December 2001 and was inaugurated in December 2007. The exterior of the theater is a titanium accented glass dome that is surrounded by a man-made lake. It is said to either look like an egg floating on water or a water drop. It is needless to say that it was designed as an iconic feature.
  • Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval, Hauterives France – Located in the southeastern of France, this building was created by Ferdinand Cheval, the town’s postman. This place is an extraordinary example of the naive art architecture. Back to Cheval, he used to pick up stones during his daily mail round and carried them home to build the Palais Idéal. The Palais is a mix of different styles with inspirations from Christianity to Hinduism. It is also the burial place of Cheval.

One question to be asked – How do these places even exist?

Good Habits to Teach Your Kids

As your kid is growing up, it is never too early for them to learn good habits and behaviors. Teaching them good habits and manners stats when they start understanding. As parents, it is our responsibility to focus on our children’s development stages.

It is very important to teach our kid how to crawl, potty training and encourages their interest in sports. Those trainings are important, however, it is also vital to inculcate good habits into them. Since it takes a lot of practice and repetition for a kid to grasp new information, teaching them since early childhood can prove to be fruitful. From birth to age three is very important for a child’s development.

Below are some examples of good habits which you can follow to help your kid learn some responsibility in their most tender age!

1. Encourage independent playtime

As early as 6 months, independent playtime is important for a large number of reasons. Your child will take time to learn new skills and it will need practice for them to do so. If you let them play by themselves, your child will learn a lot such as independence, confidence, creativity, problem-solving skills and the chance to explore the world on their own.

For babies :

Always choose to make them play in their crib, that way they can play independently and avoid any incidents as well. Offer your babies appropriate toys to explore. While doing so, the parent gets some free time to do some other work, make sure that you keep an eye from time to time. Don’t give them small objects which they can put in their mouth and choke on them.

For toddlers :

As your child keeps growing up, the independent playtime will increase. You will notice that they can spend 45 minutes or more for playing alone. If you are a busy mom, you will find that this time is precious. Take some time and notice how much your kid is more confident and his abilities are much impressive.

2. Cleaning responsibilities for toddlers

When your child becomes a toddler, it is the perfect time to teach him some cleaning tasks. You will notice that when you let him take some responsibility, he will feel proud of himself. For example, you can teach your child to put his dirty laundry in the laundry basket. Even if he takes longer, let him do it. He will get better each time he practices this exercise.

Another thing which you can teach is how to use a dustpan so that every time that he throws something on the floor, he can be a part of the cleaning process.

The most important thing is to teach them to rearrange their toys after they are done playing. You can set up a rule that everyone should clean their mess after playing. With lots of practice, the child will understand that it is important that he needs to put his toys away once he is done playing with them.

Now try to inculcate some fun while teaching them those activities. Singing songs can make the task seems more fun. Always make the task seem entertaining rather than a struggle. It is never too early to teach your kid good habits such as responsibility. You will find your child running to give his parents a helping hand. So start thinking about some tasks which you can teach your child. Remember: be patient!

3. Teach your child good manners and communication skills

It is very important to teach your child good manners and the art of being polite when they are young. Along with you and your family, other adults and children will also appreciate a polite child. Please and thank you are the basic words which you should teach to your child since early childhood. It is a great way to start good manners. Always have your child to practice those kind words with you as well with others.

Apart from good manners, teach your child to use their big boy voice. Never let them get the habit of whining, it would drive you crazy. Instead of saying “ STOP WHINING” you can try to approach them in a better way by saying “ I cannot understand what you are saying, please use your big boy voice.”

4. Practice Good Hygiene

Start by teaching your child about oral hygiene, begin by wiping off their gums with a wet soft cloth. Once their first teeth come out, then you can buy a soft toothbrush.

Washing hands is also an important habit to teach to your kids. That way they will get into the routine of washing their hands after playing, before and after snacks, after using the bathroom, etc… It is important to teach kids healthy habits.

Party Games for Adults

While hosting a party at your place, it is important that you keep your guests entertained. Nowadays, there are a lot of party games which adults enjoy to play. They are fun and keep your guest entertained and laughing throughout the whole party. Trust me! It will be a party that your guests are not going to forget so easily.

Once while browsing through the internet, I came across a list of party games, I tried a few of them and it proved to be a great success. The best things about the party games are that most of them involve drinks and it can be modified according to the type and number of guests that will attend your party.

Choose any of the party games below for your next Halloween, housewarming or dinner party. It can work as a great ice breaker for guests who are new to each other.

1. Murder Mystery Games

This game is perfect for Halloween parties as it can be quite spooky. You will feel like you are in a Scooby Doo movie. Sometimes, a murder mystery is all you need to have fun with your family and friends. There are many free mysteries for you to choose from. Every chart contains different kinds of descriptions, clues, scripts and much more.

2. Who Am I?

Are you good at guessing or acting? This is going to be your favorite game. Who am I ? is a guessing game whereby you can act or draw someone and your teammates have to guess who you are pretending to be. Doesn’t it sound fun, guys?

3. Never Have I ever

With over 400 questions, this is a game that you will never feel bored. This classic game is a drinking game which can also be accommodated into a non-alcoholic game. You simply have to say Never have I done something and those of your friends which have done this thing have to have a sip of their drinks.

4. Truth or Dare

Well, this is a simple game which everyone knows how to play. The rule is that your guests get to decide how tame or wild the game will be. There is a lot of dares which you can try. Browse through the net for the weirdest ones.

5. Conversation cards

If you are looking for a low key icebreaker game, conversation card is a nice game. It can prove to be great fun especially if you are hosting a dinner party. Fill a jar with print out which are full of questions.

How to Throw a Great Housewarming Party

Have you recently bought a new house and waiting to break in? There is no better way to start living in your new nest than having your family and friends to help and celebrate this milestone with you. If you are looking for some mind-blowing ideas to impress your guests, check out the awesome tips below! I promise that your housewarming party will be the talk of every party for a while.

Every family has that ritual of doing the traditional “family dinner” when a special occasion pops up. You can add some more fun to those family dinners. Let’s be honest, we are all busy nowadays that we don’t really get time to check on our parents and other close ones. Family dinners are a great way to meet them all and keep in touch. It strengthens the family bond especially when you have babies at home.

The steps towards your awesome housewarming party are:


In this modern era, there are a lot of ways to invite someone over. However, sending out postal invites still remains the favorite of all. Do not forget to mention RSVP on your cards. You might also want to call them and confirm their presence a day before the event.


Moving to a new house is definitely worth all the alcohol in the world. It is worth celebrating. Make sure to pop open that champagne bottle but keep some non-alcoholic options as well. You would want to keep all your guests happy. The first rule of being a good host is to be considerate. If you are aware that some of your guests do not drink, keep some juices or fizzy drinks ready. You can set up a little bar to add more glamour into your party and impress your guests. All you need is beverages, lemon, and glasses! Let the happy hour begin!


Since you newly shifted to your new house, it is quite obvious that your home is a bit bare. After all, there is a lot of shopping left to do. No matter what, you can still impress your guests by filling your home with art decoration such as photos, artworks or candles which will make it look a lot more homely.


Since you are going to have a lot of guests at your place, it will be wise to prepare your snacks and appetizers beforehand. By doing so, you will be having more time to spend with your guests. You can also opt for take-out which will save you the hassle of cooking for a large number of people. Pizza or Chinese are always the best choices.

How Reading Helps Improve Your State of Mind?

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

By the words of GRRM, I will start by saying that I’m a proud bookworm! Books are everywhere. Libraries are full of hundreds and thousands of books from different years and authors. They are filled with the most important things of all time. People who don’t read will never understand what a reader goes through whenever they have to separate themselves from their most adored books. It is true that reading helps improve your mind and body and you don’t even know when it is happening.

In 2016, the Yale School of Public Health dug out the 12 years of HRS (Health and Retirement Study) data about reading habits and health of more than 3,600 men and women over the age of 50 and a hopeful pattern emerged. People who read books, whether fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose for as little as 30 minutes lived an average of two years longer than people who didn’t read anything at all. It is also proven that people who read books rather than magazines or newspapers outlive their peers by 23%.

So here are some reasons why you will outlive your peers who haven’t read a single book their whole life!

  • Reading helps you de-stress – According to a study led by the University of Sussex, reading can reduce stress level by 68%. Stress levels and heart rates were monitored while trying out a variety of relaxing methods, reading was the strongest method in helping the brain and the body relax, among listening to music or going for a walk. So now you know, if you’re stressed pick up your favorite book and read!
  • Reading makes you empathetic towards others – If while growing up, you read a lot of books, then you do have some talents when it comes to empathizing with others and you understand difficult emotions. According to a study from the University of Buffalo, most people relate to the characters in stories we read, especially if it comes from fiction. Empathy, in today’s world, is viewed as one of the most important skills for every parent to teach their children.
  • Reading can be used as a form of therapy – According to Cristel Russell, reading is used mostly as a form of therapy. It might happen sometimes that you feel so close to a character or fictional situation that relates to your actual state of mind, and this situation or character helps you out of your problems.
  • Reading increases your intelligence – Whether you prefer fictional or non-fictional books, reading books help your brain grow in more ways than one. Novels introduce you to new words thus advancing your vocabulary. So never stop reading!
  • Reading improves your memory – If you tend to forget most of your things more than twice, then you need to read more often! Reading enhances and exercises the memory muscles in your brain, thus making us more alert. You pay more attention and remember all the small details as you follow a long string of words for hours at a time. If you know someone who needs to improve their memory, gift them a book!
  • Reading makes your brain stronger – One of the best ways to keep your brain strong and healthy is to keep your mind active and working. As per a study, people who were actively and mentally engaged has 32% lower rate of mental decline as compared to people who weren’t actively engaging their brain. Non-readers had a decline of 48%. So pick up a book and keep your brain in shape!
  • Reading can reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s disease – Reading at least one hour every day helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. From a neurobiological standpoint, reading is more demanding on the brain than processing speech and images. Mental stimulation from reading will improve your memory and learning capacity. It also keeps your mind sharp by slowing cognitive decline as you age. It is proven that reading strengthens your brain against disease like Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • Reading strengthens focus and concentration – When reading, your full attention is on the words on the page and you need to focus on that to get to know what happens next. Unknowingly, you are strengthening your mind to focus and concentrate on things that matter the most as compared to things that do not. A consistent reading habit will strengthen your attention over to other aspects of your life.
  • Reading improves your imagination – If you’re an avid reader of fictional books, then you must have used your imagination several times. Escaping the reality to travel into a fictional world is a way to exercise your brain into imagining new things, characters, and perspectives.
  • Reading helps you sleep better – It is said to have a good night sleep, better pick a book and read! Well, reading to your bedtime will reduce stress and train your brain to associate reading with sleep. So to have a night of better sleep, avoid screen and pick up books!

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