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Choosing the Right Tenant: 4 Key Points

Choosing the Right Tenant: 4 Key Points
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You have decided to rent out your house and hope to find a suitable tenant as soon as possible. It would be a shame to leave your home empty when you could get a rental. Fortunately, many people would like to rent your house or apartment.

Buying your own house and getting a mortgage is much more complicated than it used to be. Therefore, when you put your home or apartment on the rental market, you most likely have to choose from many eager tenants.

So, you pick the one that looks the nicest. It is possible, but you may end up choosing the wrong one. A clean appearance is by no means a guarantee of suitability for a tenant.

But what exactly do you need to pay more attention to? Here are 4 things to keep in mind when choosing a new tenant.

1) Financial Stability of the Tenant

Let’s start with the most logical point. If someone rents your house, you expect that he or she will transfer the rent to you every month. Therefore, the tenant must be financially stable. Although there are guidelines prohibiting discrimination, the law allows you to ask tenants for their pay stubs. The tenant may remove some information. It is also reasonable to ask for other proof of stable income.

For example, ask for the employer’s name and length of employment. A person with a high income may not necessarily have a stable income all at once. It is more important that the tenant has a regular income. An open-ended contract with the employer is a good indicator of this.

 2) Respect

This sounds extreme, but it is better to choose a tenant who can respect other people and other people’s property.

What is the tenant’s attitude toward others? For example, the tenant is considerate of neighbors by not turning up the music too loud. Tenants understand that they must also take care of the common areas of your home, such as pruning the hedges in the communal gardens promptly.

When lighting a barbecue, it is courteous first to inform the resident upstairs and ask him or her to close the window. This tenant takes care of the house or apartment as if it were their own property. They clean regularly and do not break anything.

Of course, it is also essential that the tenant is respectful to you and pays rent on time. In this way, you can expect them to sound the alarm immediately if there are any problems.

3) Communication Skills

When choosing a new tenant, you should examine the applicant’s communication skills. Will the tenant proactively contact you when something goes wrong? And what happens if the rent is not paid on time?

It is preferable to avoid calling about problems and rent as much as possible. In particular, you do not want to find out later that everything is wrong with the house. A good tenant will be proactive and let you know about the house’s condition.

If a shower drain is broken, if reported in time, the landlord can ensure that the problem is fixed before it gets worse. If the problem is not reported in time, the likelihood of water damage to the parquet or other parts of the house is very high. A tenant who reports damage in time is an added value to the landlord.

It is also essential to have the tenant contact you if rent payments are a little late. For example, because the tenant himself has not received his paycheck.

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4) Mutual Trust

And finally, what is essential is mutual trust. You want to rent the house without any problems. To do this, you need to find someone you feel will take good care of the house. And the tenant wants to live in a home where he or she feels completely comfortable, without fear of being constantly disturbed by the landlord.

If both partners have a good feel for the agreed-upon rental situation, the rental agreement will often go more smoothly.

Do you have more tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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