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Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Going To The Orthodontist

Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Going To The Orthodontist
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A lot of people are conscious about their teeth, and with the advancement of technology and dentistry care, a lot can be done to remedy this situation. More and more people are undergoing cosmetic procedures to take care of and fix their teeth, and this is something you are considering. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about some of the things you ought to know about orthodontists.

1. Aesthetic and functional rehabilitation with braces


More and more common in schoolyards, orthodontic braces remain the best solution for perfectly aligned teeth. But the benefits of orthodontics are not limited to aesthetics. The primary purpose of braces is to restore functional balance and efficient chewing. When the gap between the incisors is too wide, chewing requires too much effort from the patient, who must move his lower jaw forward to cut food.

Furthermore, by limiting the overlap of the teeth, the risk of cavities is greatly reduced, and oral hygiene is facilitated. Finally, changing the position of the teeth can also help correct certain pronunciation problems and prevent gum disease and tooth loosening.

2. Partial reimbursement for braces

The fees for orthodontic treatment range from $500 to $5000. However, these treatments are only partially reimbursed if the application is made before age 15. Unless you have additional insurance that covers this type of cost, check with your dentist to make sure that braces are necessary and evaluate the total cost of the procedure.

3. The duration of orthodontic treatment


Usually considered a heavy treatment, braces last between 1 and 3 years on average. Thus, many criteria such as the patient’s age and remaining growth, the objectives of the treatment, the complexity of the case, and the appliances used are to be taken into account.

At each visit to the orthodontist, the appliance is adjusted, but the person who maintains it on a daily basis is the patient. In addition, whether it is a removable or fixed appliance, the patient’s motivation strongly influences the duration of the treatment. Indeed, whatever the technique used, the patient’s cooperation can have a significant impact on the results.

4. With orthodontic braces, hygiene must be impeccable

If, in general, oral hygiene is essential, it is even more important when wearing braces. Indeed, braces are a real trap for dental plaque. So, to avoid the different types of gunk settling between the wires and the brackets, it is very important to adopt the right gestures when brushing your teeth.

To help you maintain good oral hygiene, braces wearers can use a manual flexible brush to clean braces and other areas in between properly. Or dental floss to remove food remains. Finally, schedule a scaling twice a year with your dentist for best results.

5. A good retention system


Once the orthodontic treatment is over, and the teeth are well aligned, it is time to remove the braces. But to maintain the corrections obtained and to prevent the teeth from moving again, it is important to install a retainer. This system, designed to keep the teeth in the right position, generally comes in two different forms:

    • Fixed retainer: completely invisible; the fixed retainer consists of placing and bonding a small metal alloy wire to the inner surface of the teeth. Usually fixed from one canine to the other, it does not interfere with swallowing, chewing, or pronunciation.
    • Removable retainer: For those who prefer or in certain special cases, it is possible to use a removable retainer. It comes in the form of a transparent mouthpiece and is initially worn full time (except for meals and tooth brushing), then only at night.


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