The Best Spas Around The World

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. But after hours and days of traveling, your body will surely need some rest. This is where a spa can come to your rescue. With so many options available, you might be confused about where to go.



Our list of some of the best spas around the world:

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain
Located in southern Spain, this spa offers an overhaul and it is easy to reach there. Visit this spa to understand how your mind and body connect.

One&Only Le Saint Gérant, Mauritius
This dazzling hotel makes us love it more than ever. The beautiful spa aims to keep you happy all through your trip there! You will surely feel like in paradise while at the spa!

The Chedi, Muscat
Renovated and combining Arabian architecture and the medley of Indian, Bali and Arabian techniques, this spa is known for its high-quality and flawless services.

The Spa at the Twelve Apostles, Cape Town, South Africa
This family-run hotel and spa is overshadowed by Table Mountain National Park and the Twelve Apostle mountain range. Be pampered by the excellent services both indoors and outdoors.

SwaSwara, India
Overlooking Om Beach on the Konkan Coast, this spa is the ideal place to find and listen to yourself. Find your inner voice here with the various forms of yoga. The healing retreat helps find the perfect balance between your mind and body.

Chablé, Mexico
Built around the sacred cenote, this spa is surrounded by a glorious jungle garden. Treat yourself to one of their services along with the fluttering butterflies, tropical birds, and twitchy-eyed iguanas.


Spa Botanico Apothecary Room, Puerto Rico
This spa opens up to a terrace of green ivy and flowers separated by a reflection pool. Get yourself pampered here as their services are just as awesome as the décor!

Astra Suites, Santorini, Greece
Choose one of the brightest and sunniest suites built into the cliffs overlooking the Aegean sea. Try the hot tub, steam room, and treatment area where the highly qualified staff awaits you!

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives
Spa enthusiasts know that an underwater spa is a rarity. Watch colorful fishes swim past you as you get massaged.

Choose your spa and get your bags ready!

15 ways to practice self-care everyday

Self-care is not about salt baths while relaxing in your bathtub or eating chocolate cakes the whole day! It is about opting for the right choice in order to build a better and organized life. Even though life can get busy, there are lots of small things that you can do on a daily basis to take care of yourself. All it takes is a minimum effort!

1. Say goodbye to social media for an hour everyday

Whether it is during lunchtime or before going to bed, make it a habit to put your phone on aeroplane mode and give yourself a break from the buzz on social media.

2. Take time to breathe deeply

We tend to get so busy in our hectic lives that we forget to take deep breaths. Take a pause every day and practice deep breathing. This exercise will help you reduce and manage your stress level.

3. Learn to appreciate nature when you feel anxious

Whenever you feel like you are not good enough or feel like your anxiety is really draining your thoughts, take some time out and watch the sky. Surrender all the bad thoughts as you enjoy your surrounding.

4. Make use of herbs in your tea when you are sad

Some herbs such as Lavender and peppermint have some very soothing effect on your mental health. They help to boost your happy hormones. Keep them around for whenever you are feeling low.

5. Enjoy your daily routine

We get so lost in our daily routine that we forget to enjoy or focus on the little things of life. So whenever you are at your table, having breakfast or dinner, take some time to enjoy that moment. By practicing this, you will notice that your brain will be more active for the whole day.

6. Practice more stretching

Sitting for a very long period of time can result into muscular pain. The good news is that you can have a mini stretching session within 2 minutes. Stand up and rotate your shoulders, neck, feet and wrists!

7. Give yourself a positive affirmation everyday

The moment you wake up and head straight to the wash basin to brush your teeth, look at yourself and say “ I am strong and can do anything on my own” or “ I am enough for my whole self”. It will keep you motivated for the whole day.

8. Take time to moisturize

Skin to skin contact can be very soothing. Moisturizing your hands and legs is not only good for your skin but also has a great effect on your mental health.

9. Give yourself something to look forward to

Whether it is watching your favourite movie or reading a good book, always make a fun plan after work. Doing something that you like after a hectic day will definitely put you in a good mood.

10. Give someone a compliment

Spread positive energy all around you by doing kind things for people. While doing so, you will find yourself uplifted emotionally.

11. Create completely different habits from your routine ones

Habits help you to build a mind frame and positive habits can result into happiness and a source of motivation. Whether it is cleaning a closet, practicing yoga or even meditating. Dare to invest into a new life-changing habit.

12. Just laugh

Dedicate a few minutes of your day watching a funny video on YouTube or Facebook. Laughing cheers you up, makes you feel good and awakens the happy hormones in your body. You might as well save some jokes to read on your way back from work.

13. Listen to relaxing nature sounds

Listening to relaxing nature sounds that soothe the mind and help to concentrate. It is advisable to listen to nature sounds while working.

14. Keep yourself hydrated

Make it a habit to always keep yourself hydrated. You can put reminders throughout the day to remind you to hydrate and drink water. Being hydrated prevents you from feeling stressed and tired.

15. Practice meditation

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and promote emotional health. By doing a two minute meditation, you will find more headspace to continue your work better.

16.List all the things that you appreciate about yourself

We can readily make a list about all our negative traits but dare to turn that around and notice all the little positive qualities that you hold. It will make you feel good about yourself.

17.Treat yourself

We struggle so much to save money that we forget that a little splurging on one self can be rewarding. Treat yourself once in a while.


It is almost impossible to feel bad when you are smiling. While doing so, give others a reason to smile as well.

19. Get enough sleep

Getting 8 hours of sleep is essential as everything is hard when your body is tired.